leading operating system

Android Market Share And Other Stats

It is difficult to argue against the fact that Android is the leading operating system when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Let us consider a brief history of this company.  The Android ...

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best budget travel places to visit

5 Best Budget Travel Places to Visit in 2019

Who doesn’t love travelling and visiting new places every year? Sure, everyone does. But the real cherry on the top is when the cost of traveling is budget-friendly. We are going to tell you about the five ...

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disease prevention

Follow These Steps for Disease Prevention and a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy living is a blessing as well as a necessity as it helps prevent diseases. Keeping up with your health care, looking after yourself and disease prevention can be a bit overwhelming given ...

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how to use snapchat filters

Here’s Our Guide on How to Use Snapchat Filters Effectively

Snapchat is known as one of the most popular, if not the best, social media app of our time. Both kids and adults alike, this social media mogul is being utilized to the fullest with ...

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how to delete Instagram account

Need a Social Media Break? Learn How to Delete Instagram Account

Social media has left people in frenzy. There would not be a single soul on the face of the earth who has not been exposed to the fancy world of social media. People are obsessed ...

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Video Overlay

Things to know about overlay a picture on a video

Using visual representation to express something is a major part of our life. The same goes for videos, that are now being used for sharing knowledge, entertainment purposes, and even marketing or advertising. However, in order ...

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