BitTorrent-Tron Merger: The P2P File-Sharing Service Acquired by Tron


The most anticipated BitTorrent-Tron acquisition has taken place. The most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing technology service BitTorrent has been acquired by Justin Sun, the founder, and CEO of Tron, which is one of the newest blockchain-based cryptocurrencies gaining a considerable limelight in the crypto market. The BitTorrent-Tron Merger The talks of acquiring BitTorrent had been started by Justin Sun in September last year and he also went on to sign the letter of ...

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Shoe Bots Enable You to Get Limited Edition Sneakers

We all know the struggle of getting limited edition sneakers off the web. They are put up on the retailer’s website way ahead of time, and just never know when the product will actually go up on sale. The worst part is that you can’t even order these limited editions before they are actually up for grabs. You wait and wait, and when the shoe finally becomes available, you come ...

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Is Peer Pressure a Cause of Teenage Sex ? What Statistics Say?

Friends have a strong impact on the attitude behavior and liking of people. Sexually active teens motivate their friends to have sex even if they do not want to have it. Parents must adopt the right approach. Peer pressure is certainly the best and the worst thing your teen is facing. If it’s best then it will make your kid feel more confident, independent and happy. If it’s worst then you ...

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