Dementia vs Alzheimer Disease – What is The Difference?

Dementia vs Alzheimer: learn the difference

The medical terms Alzheimer’s and dementia are very confusing. Many people think of these terms as same but they are not. Dementia is just a medical condition where the mental ability declines slowly and interferes with the daily functioning of the person. Alzheimer’s is a common cause of dementia. Where Alzheimer’s is a disease, dementia is not. Learning about dementia vs Alzheimer is a necessary knowledge especially for those whose close relatives or who themselves are suffering ...

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5 Fat Loss Workout Hacks You Can Do Today

Fat Loss Workout Hacks

Fat loss or weight loss is never easy, especially when it involves a change in your diet and exercise. We always look for simple ways to make our workout more effective, so that we can achieve our goals in less time and lose fat as soon as possible. We always search for hacks to make fat loss and building muscle stronger and fitter. In this article, we will discuss 5 fat loss workout hacks you can ...

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5 Amazing budget friendly home decor ideas for home renovation

Home decor ideas

Whether you have renovated your abode recently or you are planning to renovate. You might have replaced your old tiles with new flooring and switched to new wooden furniture, still there are chances that you may find your space ordinary and unwelcoming. So, go ahead, use your quirky thoughts and give an experimental & unique look to your living room decor, bathe area, kitchen and more. Here, we have come ...

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