Earth Facts

Earth Facts: What if Earth Doubled in Size

One of the Earth facts that we know is that it’s huge. However, it is not as big as the other planets in the solar system. Some people argue that if the size of this ...

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Camera for Blind People

[Review] 2C3D Camera for Blind People

Although 3D cameras had embraced the market, there still wasn’t anything available for the blind people. Industrial designer, Oren Geva realized that this was a problem that needed addressing so he focused on coming up ...

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Far Cry 5

[Review] Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is one of the highly anticipated releases of this year. The good news is that it lives up to the expectations. The game improves on the formula of previous titles in the ...

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Deprived of Oxygen

What Would Happen if the World Gets Deprived of Oxygen for 5 Seconds?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the world lost oxygen for about five seconds? Five seconds may seem like a brief amount of time but it can bring a devastating effect on the ...

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Google Ban Ads on cryptocurrencies

Google Decides to Put a Ban on Ads Promoting Cryptocurrencies

You must be aware of the hype circulating around cryptocurrency if you’ve been following the news ardently. In fact, lately, Bitcoin – the virtual banking currency of the internet gathered a lot of frenzy all ...

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stem cell therapy

Can Stem Cell Therapy Heal Your Damaged Knees?

Imagine what would be your life with damaged knees? You won’t be able to run, walk, bend or even put the slightest weight on your knees. They’d hurt if you try to put stress on ...

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