social media dangers

Most Common Social Media Dangers for Teens

With the advent of social media, people have come closer online. It has become convenient for them to reach their old friends, colleagues, and even distant relatives. While social media may have been beneficial for ...

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cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing? Here are Few Things You Need to Know About It

When you come to think of the word ‘cloud computing’ what really pops in your mind? Probably something related to computing being done in the clouds, isn’t it? Apart from that, a plenty of other ...

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flu shot

Protect Yourself from the Flu Season – Get a Flu Shot

Having flu at the most inappropriate times can be annoying but a flu shot can save you from this misery. If you’re down with flu, you don’t like to do anything else. Your whole routine ...

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WhatsApp Hacks

How to Master Some of the Best WhatsApp Hacks?

WhatsApp has, undoubtedly, become one of the favorite instant-messaging apps, amongst users. While for some people this app is only meant for sending and receiving messages, others have mastered the app by learning some of the ...

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At Home Exercises

Best At Home Exercises for Beginners

Finding time for exercising at gym has become extremely difficult these days. We need some at home exercises. After you are done with work, you just want to go home and relax. That’s how most ...

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Apple Instructed to Pay $502.6M to VirnetX for Patent Infringement

Apple seems to be in trouble at the moment. The makers of iPhone have been instructed to pay a whopping amount of $502.6M to VirnetX Holding Corporation – a Nevada company notoriously known as the ...

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