Video Overlay

Things to know about overlay a picture on a video

Using visual representation to express something is a major part of our life. The same goes for videos, that are now being used for sharing knowledge, entertainment purposes, and even marketing or advertising. However, in order ...

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breakfast smoothies

5 Breakfast Smoothies to Keep You Healthy This Summer

There must have been many instances when you wake up late in the morning and rush to work or college, skipping out the breakfast entirely. In these situations, the best alternative to breakfast is a ...

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huawei mate x

Huawei Mate X: The Most Promising Foldable Phone Yet

2019 seems to be the era of foldable phones. The leading mobile phone manufacturers have joined the race to come out with the best foldable phone. Following the likes of Samsung Galaxy Fold and others, Huawei has ...

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All About Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has never failed to surprise us. With only a few days left until Samsung’s 10th anniversary, which will also mark as the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10, it has already been considered as one of ...

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earth without the moon

What Would Be Life on Earth Without the Moon?

Have you ever wondered what would life be on Earth without the moon? All the planets in our solar system have moons orbiting around them. While some planets wouldn’t get affected much if one or ...

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saving money

Simple Ways to Get into the Habit of Saving Money

Saving money is a habit that needs to be cultivated among every individual. The majority of people want to save more money but they easily fall short of their financial goals without having any solid ...

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