How to Delete Instagram Account – A Complete Guide


One way or another, you end up being fed up from social media. It is not surprising as social media is trying to get involved in our lives as much as it can and it gets frustrating sometimes. Instagram, like its parent corporation Facebook, is no stranger to privacy scandals and many other issues. If you want to know how to delete Instagram account, you must have several reasons to do it. In 2018, there was a ...

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How to Delete Snapchat – Easy Steps to Follow


Snapchat is among the most used social media platform nowadays. People of all ages especially youngsters are found there enjoying and having fun with its features. With its glamour, there might be a lot of things that you don’t like and you might want to delete Snapchat for those reasons. To our surprise, Snapchat is not everyone’s favorite. Reasons to Delete Snapchat: You might want to delete the Snapchat account for several reasons, such as: There is always ...

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