cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing? Here are Few Things You Need to Know About It

When you come to think of the word ‘cloud computing’ what really pops in your mind? Probably something related to computing being done in the clouds, isn’t it? Apart from that, a plenty of other ...

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WhatsApp Hacks

How to Master Some of the Best WhatsApp Hacks?

WhatsApp has, undoubtedly, become one of the favorite instant-messaging apps, amongst users. While for some people this app is only meant for sending and receiving messages, others have mastered the app by learning some of the ...

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Apple Instructed to Pay $502.6M to VirnetX for Patent Infringement

Apple seems to be in trouble at the moment. The makers of iPhone have been instructed to pay a whopping amount of $502.6M to VirnetX Holding Corporation – a Nevada company notoriously known as the ...

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God of War 2018

God of War 2018 (Review)

God of War 2018 is one of the most notable franchises for Sony. When they announced the game back in 2016, with the focus on completely new narrative, a lot of people questioned this direction. ...

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Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review

Our Nintendo Switch review is a bit late, but better late than never. Whenever Nintendo releases a new console, it is an event celebrated around the globe. Same was the case with Nintendo Switch. On ...

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Camera for Blind People

[Review] 2C3D Camera for Blind People

Although 3D cameras had embraced the market, there still wasn’t anything available for the blind people. Industrial designer, Oren Geva realized that this was a problem that needed addressing so he focused on coming up ...

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Far Cry 5

[Review] Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is one of the highly anticipated releases of this year. The good news is that it lives up to the expectations. The game improves on the formula of previous titles in the ...

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Google Ban Ads on cryptocurrencies

Google Decides to Put a Ban on Ads Promoting Cryptocurrencies

You must be aware of the hype circulating around cryptocurrency if you’ve been following the news ardently. In fact, lately, Bitcoin – the virtual banking currency of the internet gathered a lot of frenzy all ...

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Facial Recognition Glasses

Facial Recognition Glasses are Changing the Way Cops Operate

The cops are always short-handed when it comes to the available tools, but things are about to change with facial recognition glasses. Before we get to them however, there are things we must address. Firstly, ...

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Car-Helicopter Hybrid

Airbus and Audi Working on Car Helicopter Hybrid

Modern day vehicles have seen quite an evolution especially during the ongoing century. We see all kinds of technologies being brought to life and just to see it in action is mind blowing. Self-driving and ...

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