WhatsApp New Update Makes it Possible to Remove Admins

Whatsapp new update

Since the beginning of WhatsApp, people have been asking endlessly for an option to remove the admin from a certain group, but that just wasn’t happening. It even came to a point where it became an annoyance for the users. Some of the people, who became admin, just stopped posting but there just wasn’t an option to take their status away. Sometimes, the admins went rogue and started removing members for no particular reason, and once again, other admins couldn’t do anything about it. This feature was becoming a nuisance and was forcing people to switch to another instant messaging app. Fortunately, WhatsApp developers came to their senses at the right time, as they have finally removed this annoyance in WhatsApp new update.

Removing Admin

The process of removing an admin has been added through WhatsApp new update, and it is pretty simple. If you are looking to get rid of an admin, then just go to the group menu – select the admin you want to remove, and a dropdown will open up.

It will have numerous options, but the one you are looking for is called “Dismiss Admin.” Just tap on this button and you are good to go. Not only the developers have added one of the most wanted features, they have also made it pretty easy to use. This allows all kinds of people to make use of it without requiring any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Old Process

The previous process of removing an admin was absolutely ridiculous. Because there was no way to remove them directly, people had to resort to other means. They first had to remove that person from the group, and then had to re-add them but this time, without the administrative privileges. It was a longer process, required more time, and not a lot of people were aware on how to accomplish it.

However, with this new addition, things are a whole lot better now as people have all the options they need right in the group section. They no longer have to look for workarounds for a simple problem, which is always a good news. Quality of life changes are mostly overlooked by the developers as they are always looking to bring in some huge changes and features. Removing admin feature has been asked by the users for a long and it has finally been delivered through WhatsApp new update.

Age Restriction

Another change that has been brought to the WhatsApp with the new update is the age restriction. However, it is only limited to European users. People who have been using WhatsApp in other regions won’t be affected by it, but those of you living in Europe will have to face the age restriction ruling. The new change dictates that anyone younger than 16 year old won’t be able to gain access to the app.

Usage of instant messaging apps amongst the children was on the rise, and it was ending in bad results. Kids exchanged pornographic content and abusive messages on daily basis, which obviously harmed their growth. To improve this kind of behavior from spreading any longer, a new ruling has been passed which will restrict the under 16 users from making use of WhatsApp.

Parents were particularly worried about the usage of the instant messaging app because they knew what kind of content was being exchanged on regular basis. They registered complaints about it on regular basis, and finally, the governments listened. This age restriction ruling comes straight from the parents in Europe, who want a healthy digital environment for their kids. They believe that kids under 16 shouldn’t be allowed to access an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, and now the whole Europe agrees.

Other Regions

Those of you living in other regions don’t have anything to worry about at least for now. WhatsApp hasn’t posed this age restriction outside of Europe. However, things may change in the future. Now that Europe has taken the first step in restricting the popular app, it is now a matter of time before others join in on the action. The fact of the matter is that a lot of kids are using WhatsApp for the wrong reasons, and to stop them from happening any longer, age restriction will need to be put in place.

North America is usually the region that follows such guidelines. However, when it comes to instant messaging apps, it has been ignoring the age restriction thing for quite a while. Things however can change in the future, especially now that the Europe has taken the first step. Once the app gets an age restriction in North American region, then the likelihood is that this particular ruling will be applied everywhere. N.A. has been responsible for leading such rulings and when they join in on the action, others will soon follow suit.

The age ruling change may seem annoying to some of the youngsters, but they have to realize that it is done for the betterment of the community. A lot of kids get addicted to porn and start using abusive language without even knowing the consequences of them. This is not a healthy environment you want your kids to be in, which is why parents worked extra hard to get this ruling passed. As mentioned above, now that it has been put into action in Europe, you can expect it to make its way to North America, and then the whole world.

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