5 Amazing budget friendly home decor ideas for home renovation

Whether you have renovated your abode recently or you are planning to renovate. You might have replaced your old tiles with new flooring and switched to new wooden furniture, still there are chances that you may find your space ordinary and unwelcoming. So, go ahead, use your quirky thoughts and give an experimental & unique look to your living room decor, bathe area, kitchen and more. Here, we have come up with some heady mix of colorful and quirky tips for budget friendly home decor ideas that will help you brighten up your home instantly and will leave every visitor spellbound.


Light up your paradise by selecting some quirky accessories, for example, you can buy decorative paper weights, stylish coasters, painted glass vases, frames with funny quotes, embroidered rugs & mats etc. Switch to the experimental mode and give a try f these things to enhance your home interior. Little change to your home walls can make a big difference and will definitely grab visitors’ attention.


While designing a bathroom you need to think about everyone’s comfort and safety, whether it’s for family members, visitors or someone in your family who has a disability. So, you need to plan out slight alterations for your typical bathroom while keeping in mind every individual’s needs. Add fresh features that look modern and easy to use as well. For disabled visitors or family members, you can use a variety of customization options available today such as specialist toilets, Grab Rails, Level access showers, Height Adjustable Wash Basins etc. You can also get more inspirations from well-designed bathrooms in palaces, hotels like the disabled bathrooms Port Macquarie. In this way, you can create a space for someone with restricted mobility and help them to feel great and find a bit easier to use your stylish yet comfortable bathroom.


While you incorporate new accessories and many little things everywhere in your house, remember to upgrade your tabletop with stylish crockery made of various shapes, sizes, cool prints, colors, etc. Want to flaunt the authentic crockery that you have kept in cupboards for a long? It’s time to get them all out and put some of its pieces on walls. Instead of disposing of your old clay plates, paint them with splendid colors and hang them on your wall near the dining area or lounge to give an artistic look to your home.


This is another ideal way to lighten and brighten up your home space. Decorate your home with quirky furnishings made with fresh fabrics and vibrant colors. Rather than using furnishings of dull creams and white shades, switch to bold colors like yellow, indigo or purple. Give a twist to your bedroom look with attractive cushions or you can also arrange a floor sitting with such cushions. Give a perfect blend to your home interior by adding different patterns, colors, bold prints etc. to make it appealing for everyone.


Your home may have a beautiful layout and fabulous furniture, but if your home lighting is not up to the mark, then it will make the entire ambiance look dull and unpleasant. You can dress up your space with beaded chandeliers, attractive ceiling pendants & ceiling lights, funky bulbs etc. Enhance your ambiance by picking the lights in different materials, styles and finishes. So get ready to lighten and brighten up your home with these budget friendly and  quirky ways and plan outright accessories, disabled bathroom design ideas, and beautiful lighting pieces to illuminate your space and bring a touch of style & class to your home.