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5 Best Budget Travel Places to Visit in 2019

best budget travel places to visit

Who doesn’t love travelling and visiting new places every year? Sure, everyone does. But the real cherry on the top is when the cost of traveling is budget-friendly. We are going to tell you about the five best budget travel places to visit in 2019.

If you think travelling is expensive and requires you to spend a large amount of money then perhaps you have been thinking wrong. Same adventure can be found by travelling to places that are budget-friendly. The world is full of affordable places and it doesn’t even require much effort to look for them. No matter what country or continent, there are always destinations you can visit on a budget.

There is also a way of travelling to expensive countries on a budget if you are aware of certain tips and tricks. Remember, no destination is “too expensive.” If you are looking for international destinations that can be visited on a budget, here are the five best budget travel places to visit in 2019.

Five Best Budget Travel Places to Visit in 2019

Sri Lanka

There is a reason people call Sri Lanka “the land of serendipity.” This country is blessed with scenic mountain landscapes, beaches, tea plantations, archaeological sites, and temples. There was a time when people did not pay much attention to Sri Lanka but gradually the country has attracted a lot of tourism. Food, accommodation, and transportation is quite cheap here.

The only expensive thing you may come across while travelling in Sri Lanka would likely be activities. While beaches are completely free, activities such as diving, day tours, snorkeling trips with a local guide may cost you about $20-30 per day. The entry to Sigiriya, which is a famous spot in Sri Lanka, will cost you about $30.

More than money, you will be needing patience and flexibility while in Sri Lanka. In order to cut down your transportation cost, you will need to wait for around 2-3 hours for the bus. However, your journey would definitely get better if you follow a tout and come across some wonderful guesthouse.


If you are looking for the best budget travel destination this year, be sure to add Cambodia in your bucket list. This country is an enticing place that won’t take up all your savings. In fact, everything found here is quite cheap, from food to hotel rooms to massages. The main cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and smaller towns like Kratie and Kampot offer good value.

There are some great places you can visit in Cambodia such as the temples of Angkor Wat (a bit expensive) and beaches like Koh Rong that have been quite often associated with Thailand’s twenty-five years ago. There are no metros or subways in the Cambodian cities but you can visit anywhere you like in a moto-remorque or tuk-tuk for only a few dollars.

The only major expense you will most likely come across in Cambodia would be the Angkor Pass. This a huge site with plenty of temples. You can get the passes for one, three or seven days to visit this site. We would recommend you get a three-day pass as it will give you plenty of time to see both the famous temples as well as some lesser-known places.


Romania is popular for its bucolic countryside villages, medieval towns, wild forests, and tasty food. Of course, let’s not forget the castles of Transylvania and historical towns.

Food is generally quite cheap in Romania, especially if you choose the daily menu offered in restaurants or self-cater by shopping at discount supermarkets. The accommodation is also found at affordable rates. Even bottles of beer and wine are comparatively inexpensive here.

While most tourists travel on a train when in Romania, ridesharing with BlaBlaCar is also another popular option for transportation. The good thing is that the sightseeing is also not expensive with the majority of major cities offering free guided tours (tip-based), and most museums demanding only a few dollars.


Colombia is famous for its cities including Bogotá, Cartagena, and Medellín. If you are planning to visit Colombia, then you have abundance places to explore, ranging from colonial towns, mountain ranges, green valleys carpeted in coffee bushes, beaches and jungles, and ancient ruins.

Small towns of Colombia such as colonial Villa de Leyva and the coffee town of Salento offer even better value as far as accommodation is concerned. However, if you’re looking for a better place to stay then you can book a single room with bathroom for about $23 in the larger city, Medellín.

Alongside accommodation, you can also find inexpensive local food in Colombia for only a couple of dollars. However, if you’re visiting Cartagena, which is usually hot and humid, you have to pay more money in restaurants with air conditioning facilities. As far as sightseeing is concerned, you can visit many wonderful museums in Colombia, some free and some really cheap. Even the transportation costs are quite economical.


Having a western European country on this budget travel destinations list should come as a surprise for many. Portugal is considered a budget travel place because it offers affordable accommodations, inexpensive food in large servings, and reasonable modes of transportation (buses and trains.)

Portugal has in store something for every individual that visits the place. From surf beaches to golden sand coves, fado music to Manueline architecture, port wine to seafood items, there is a range of different things that can be relished while your stay in Portugal.

Reasonably-priced double rooms can be found in both popular and lesser-towns in Portugal. In fact, there is a town on the Atlantic coast named Nazaré where you come across little old ladies at the bus station who offer rooms and apartments at affordable prices. In the same place, you can also come across cheap and good seafood restaurants.

Therefore, if you are looking not to increase your travel budget and at the same time want to visit some of the beautiful destinations then this list would surely be helpful for you. Apart from this list, there are also many other amazing travel budget destinations you can visit. We wish you happy travelling in advance!


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