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8 Habits to Lead a Stress Free and Healthy Lifestyle

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Admit it or not,stress is all around us. Be it emotional stress, work stress, relationships stress, social stress, and the list never ends. It is unavoidable. We often don’t only ignore its adverse effects on a person’s health, but also forget that it is capable of becoming a serious mental illness. Many stress-related symptoms trigger some basic mental issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. Here are some facts and statistics about stress:

With a great number of responsibilities every day and hectic schedules, stress is often inevitable. But there are multiple ways to be stress free and deal with this situation successfully. There are strategies that you can follow to think differently about the events going on.

And, then are approaches to deal with the sudden stress to minimize its impact on health at the moment. A life without stress is a healthy life and everyone deserves that. So, why not do something productive to have better physical and mental health by being stress free?

What Is Life Stress?

The primary step towards handling everyday stress is to know the signs of stress in life. You must know that what is exactly life stress? You must know what it feels like to be stressed out so that you can evaluate yourself.

It is described as the state of emotional and mental strain caused by unusual and disturbing circumstances

The condition gets worst when its symptoms are unnoticed for a long time. If you don’t look for the necessary signs of stress in life, you might be ignoring your condition thus making it severe and chronic. Keenly observe your lifestyle and see where the unusual things are happening and how you can control them. Stress prevails like a virus but in this case, we often are left unaware.

How to Be Stress Free?

You don’t need to follow any technical strategies or steps to relieve stress. Just adopt a few habits and you will feel a big change in your lifestyle. It is time you take charge of your life. Make small changes in your life and be stress free. Because stress is just there to destroy you mentally and physically. So, let’s see what habits can let you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Time Management:

Having a fixed to-do-list will stress you out. Having a relaxing and flexible routine will keep your stress relieved. You will be able to move one or two things here and there as per your routine. A routine is a good way to let you be organized and structured throughout the day, but keep it flexible and easy to change as per your ease.

Waking Up Early

Besides allowing you to be stress free, waking up early offers you many other perks. You stay fresh and feel healthy all day when you sleep and wake up at a fixed time every day. Your physical, as well as mental health, will improve once you make your sleeping patterns healthy. Also, if you pair up waking early with a little exercise, the results will be marvelous.


When you are having a stressful moment with multiple negative thoughts and worries, meditation can help a lot. It lets you refresh yourself and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if you are stressed out because of something that just happened right now, take a deep breath and the stress will be gone.

Procrastination Is Your Enemy

Tomorrow never comes, so never leave your work for the next day. It constantly keeps your mind occupied and the stress keeps on increasing because you know there is something you haven’t done. Regular exercise and activities keep your mind and body healthy all the time. Moreover, it lets you follow your daily tasks in a better way.

You Are Important

The worst that a person can do to himself is to not to take good care. When you are not important to yourself, you can hardly feel good. You will end up cursing and blaming yourself for everything that happens wrong. Positive thoughts come when you are positive about yourself.

Distractions Should Be Avoided

We often ignore it, but there are a lot of distractions roaming around us that disturb our thoughts every day. Even if you are trying to do a particular job, your mobile phone and television are constant distractions. We can’t get rid of them completely, but we can at least switch them off when doing something important.


Many expert therapists and hospitals are using music to deal with stress-related situations of the clients. Music is observed to make one stress free and calm at the moment, leaving a relaxing environment. There are plenty of ways through which you can use music in your everyday life and manage your stress. The type of music depends on your choice.

Write A Journal

Researches have shown that there are many benefits of journaling. Both physically and emotionally, journaling is a good investment for a healthy lifestyle. You can manage it conveniently because it doesn’t take that much of the day and it becomes your routine. Moreover, it seems like you are sharing and letting it all out which helps a lot.

Though stress is often the ignored issue because we think we have made peace with our peace of stress, still that is not true. If you don’t deal with it right away, you are nourishing it and that makes it become severe day by day. While becoming worse, the little things that shouldn’t affect you, start pinching you most irritatingly.

Once you start practicing these habits, you will see how relaxing it is to have a stress free lifestyle. Not only it is relaxing, but it is also healthy in all ways. Your mind and body remain healthy and active if you are not suffering from stress. So, why not take a small step today and see the bigger change? A stress free life is a healthy life indeed.

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