A Complete Guide to A Successful Weight Loss Journey

Many men and women around the globe are looking for the fastest and easiest ways to get slimmer and tighter body. Everybody wants that thin waist. But, what matters the most in any weight loss journey is the fitness. Are you draining yourself to be slim or are you having a proper diet to be fit and healthy as well?

The typical weight loss industry is full of myths now. There are plenty of weight loss blogs out there for your motivation. They show you this glittery image of what you can be in just a few days and ask you to do the things that don’t make sense. So, why put yourself through misery by adopting the ways that have no evidence.

How to Start a Weight Loss Journey?

If you are already trying to start it, you know it is not an easy catch. Starting a weight loss journey is the most difficult thing for most of us. The motivation and self-esteem required for this first step are hard to achieve. You might move towards weight loss blogs, videos, and stuff to gather the courage and motivation for this. There are plenty of inspirational stories out there that can get you all started.

Taking the first step is the most difficult one. Here are 16 ways to motivate yourself to lose weight. It includes the ways that can keep you motivated throughout your journey and keeps you going. You can take one thing at a time and see why exactly you want to achieve that milestone. Your weight loss journey lies in the passion you feel.

Tips to Start a Weight Loss Journey

If you have decided you are going to do this, but don’t know where to start, this is a solution for you. There are many simpler changes that you can bring in to your life to start this journey. You won’t feel any big change once you make it your routine. Small steps can produce larger effects. So, here are some scientifically evident tips to get your hands on:

  1. Don’t forget to drink water before meals.
  2. Make eggs a necessary part of your breakfast.
  3. A cup or two of black coffee will do good to your body. With its additional health benefits, it will also increase your metabolism.
  4. Green tea is your friend when you are ready to lose some fats.
  5. Time to cut back some sugar. If you are too much fond of sweets and desserts, cut them back step by step.
  6. Using smaller plates might seem like a myth, but it helps actually. Studies have shown that using smaller plates automatically makes you eat fewer calories.
  7. Eat healthy not junk. Keep healthy items around in case if you get hungry.
  8. Spicy foods are the best to boost up metabolism.
  9. Aerobic exercise will speed up the process and keep your body healthy.
  10. Use more proteins. Proteins are very essential when it is about losing weight.

Want to know more? Well, here is detailed information for those who are ready to be more specific and consistent in their weight loss journey: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-to-lose-weight-as-fast-as-possible#section3

Weight Loss Workout Plan

Nobody can deny the fact the adding a workout plan to your weight loss journey will make the process effective and faster. Even if you are not losing weight, a simple workout is necessary to keep your body and hormones in position. You will see a weight loss workout plan for beginners on different weight loss blogs. 

Being a beginner means that you are not ready to lift weights and do heavy exercise. And, we recommend not to try that at the very start. When you talk about the weight loss workout plan for beginners, it is much simpler exercise. And, if you think it won’t do much, then you are wrong. A few movements can make a big difference. 

Wondering for how long should you work out in the beginning? This can help: How Long Should I Work out to Lose Weight?

If you are a beginner, walking is a great exercise for you. You can do it anywhere and it freshens up the mind too. You can choose some appropriate online weight loss workout for beginners too. However, at the very start, you can choose a simpler routine like this:

  • Monday (30 minutes): Intense to moderate walking
  • Tuesday (20 minutes): At home strength training workout. 
  • Wednesday (30 minutes): Intense to moderate walk
  • Thursday (30 minutes): Simple workout at home
  • Friday (30 minutes): Moderate walk
  • Saturday (20 minutes): Relaxation Yoga
  • Sunday (30 minutes): Fun activities that include a bit of exercise (swimming, bike riding, aerobics classes)

Don’t know what you should do at home as a workout? Here is a video that will help you get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SSYX8sIOmM&t=730s

7-Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan

Most people don’t have enough time to make healthy diet meals at home. Well, smoothies are your rescue in this case. The seven-day smoothie weight loss diet plan is for the people who don’t have enough time to make rich meals. This diet plan is special because it gives you all the nutrients your body requires, keep you healthy, and help you lose the weight. 

A weight loss smoothie works great if it falls under this criteria:

  • It has all low-calorie ingredients
  • It helps you avoid unhealthy snacks and works great as a meal replacement
  • It has an ingredient that makes your tummy filled for a longer time. 
  • It has the ingredients that you enjoy having so that you can stick to the plan. 

Ingredients for a 7-Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan:

When you are about to make a smoothie for weight loss, the ingredients must contain the essential nutrients and have the taste you like. That’s why you have to be choosy when you go shopping for this diet plan. Here are some essential ingredients for this plan:

  • Avocado
  • Berries
  • Unsweetened yogurt
  • Leafy greens
  • Coconut water
  • Flax seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Fruits

There are plenty of other diet plans out there to ease your weight loss journey such as no sugar diet plan, low carb diet plan, detox diet plan, egg diet plan. With a little research, you can choose the best one for you. Don’t forget that once you have started, you must not give it up. Be consistent and motivated. You can join support groups or have the same weight loss journey with a friend to keep yourself motivated. We wish you good luck:).