7 pool skills you need to master to become a strong run-out player

In whichever game you want to be a champion the most important thing you need to do is PRACTICE…  but in a proper way.

We will see the important aspects of this game which can give you the best pool cues and also help you to be the strong runout player. We have not spoken only about fundamentals of the game but also about the different angles and shots which can be used to get the best cue.

There are some important aspects of pool game which makes the player outstanding and its best pool cues remarkable.


cue ball supply
  • Whichever game it is practicing with the different strategies makes you a perfect player.
  • You should not disturb or bump into other balls on the table if it’s not necessary. As soon as possible pocket the balls that clear the way for other balls.
  • Make sure you break out clusters and deal with problem balls.
  • In 8 ball game identify the key balls by choosing the stripes or solid balls. Play a safety early in the game if you can’t run out.
  • Make sure you break out clusters if insurance ball is available. These strategies will help you to become a runout player and get the best pool cues in the game.


  • To aim, the target is very important aspect before you kick the ball.
  • Your vision should always be aligned. We have some visualization techniques which can be helpful.
  • Ghost ball aiming can be used as a visualizing tool. The ghost ball is the imaginary position to make a shot where the centre ball must be at a contact with the object ball.
  • The contact point to contact point or parallel lines system.

This is the aim where you visualize the line through the center of the object ball in the target direction. Shift the center point on the object ball and keep this line parallel to the object point in the target direction. When these lines shift parallel to the center of the center ball it develops an aiming direction which gives you the best pool cue.

  • The shots should be sighting and consistently.
  • The best technique is to hit the million ball a perfect aiming technique and get the best pool cue.

Cue Ball Control

cue ball control
  • The cue ball control is very important to play the perfect shots and help you to aim from different angles.
  • The 90-degree rule says that the tangent line is hit by the center ball to give a sturn shot.
  • The 30-degree angle rolls the center ball in the natural angle direction to give you the proper shot.
  • When the center ball direction changes for a good action draw shot it is known as the trisect system angle which cuts the angle three times.
  • Before curving to the final direction with all shots, the speed shifts the cue ball below the tangent line.

Draw Shot

  • Your tip should be well chalked, grip should be relaxed and cue to the level as possible.
  • You should use more spins with less speed to have the best pool cue.
  • The firm hit which is closer to the center offers center ball distance control. Make sure you elevate the cue to have a quick draw.
  • You should not push the miscue limit with long power draw shots. Miscue limit is the half of the cue ball radius from the center, which is the width of the stripe on the striped ball.

Sidespin and Position Control

  • To use side spin, you need to understand the squirt, swerve and throw effects.
  • To compensate aim for squirt and swerve, backhand sides pin and front hand sides pin can be used.
  • In clingy conditions outside side spin can be used to drop throw. To reduce the difficulty of rail cut shots, running side spin should be used.
  • The effect of side spin off a cushion can be increased by hitting a drag show. It is necessary to maintain the right position to hit a target.
  • You should always leave an angle before entering the line of a shot. You can create an angle by pocket cheating.
  • The margin for error can be increased if the position is targeted close to a rail.
  • When the ball is rolled at 45 degrees it gets close to the center and this plays an important role in position play for getting the best pool cue.


While hitting a cut shot, the object ball can be thrown near to the frozen combos to have the largest throw. The frozen balls when hit softly creates the greatest throw. This guarantees the stun. When the shot is with the non-frozen cut, the stun with a soft shot becomes difficult because of the distance between the object ball and the center ball. With the hit of true stun shot, the same amount of speed is observed with the frozen ball. These combinations of throw can result in better run-outs.

Jump Shot

  • To get the best results aim should be between the center of the center ball and the resting point on the cloth.
  • To get a long-jump more speed and less elevation of cue should be used.
  • The most effective and comfortable shot is when the cue is elevated most and the stroke is dart.
  • These are some of the techniques when practiced regularly will give you the best pool cues and make you the best runout player.