How to Master Some of the Best WhatsApp Hacks?

WhatsApp has, undoubtedly, become one of the favorite instant-messaging apps, amongst users. While for some people this app is only meant for sending and receiving messages, others have mastered the app by learning some of the best WhatsApp hacks to use it effectively.

There’s no denying of the fact that WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is that we open our WhatsApp app to read the new messages instead of going to the washroom. Until we do not reply to those messages, we refuse to get out of our beds and start with the day. Similarly, the last thing we do before going to sleep is checking our WhatsApp for new messages.

Without WhatsApp, it seems our life will come to standstill. Using WhatsApp is quite easy but what is it like using it effectively? By using some interesting WhatsApp hacks, you can definitely master the app. Interesting, there are also WhatsApp spy tools available on the internet for you to consider.

Best WhatsApp Hacks

In this post, we will be listing down a few WhatsApp hacks and tricks and also tell you how you can use them effectively to your own benefit. Let’s find out more about the hacks and tricks that WhatsApp has to offer.

Hide Your Messages from Popping Up on the Screen

Hide Your Messages from Popping Up on the Screen

There may be some instances when you would want to hide the WhatsApp messages popping up on your phone screen. For instance, if you’re in the office and want to hide your messages from the prying eyes surrounding you then you can seek help from one of these best WhatsApp hacks.

To hide notifications of new WhatsApp messages, simply head over to your phone’s settings > notifications and then tap the option of ‘no pop-up’ for pop-up notifications for both individual and group chats. By doing so, nobody around you will be able to see the new messages from WhatsApp popping up on your screen.

After making the changes in your phone’s settings, even if the WhatsApp messages pop on your screen, they will be not visible to the others around you. This works really well if while sitting in the office you are engaged in an on-going private chat with someone on WhatsApp without having to care about who’s sitting next to you.

Listen to Voice Messages Discreetly

Communicating with your friends on WhatsApp via voice messages is really fun, to begin with. However, sometimes hearing those messages on the app without headphones becomes slightly problematic if you’re surrounded by people. You may not able to come across a way for listening to those voice messages discreetly.

The good thing is, there’s a hack for this problem that allows you to listen to the voice messages without anyone listening. While you’re listening to the voice message, bring the phone closer to your ear, just like you normally do when you pick up a call. When you do this, the proximity sensor gets automatically activated, making the message play through your earpiece and not the headphones. This is the best way to listen to the voice messages on WhatsApp if you do not want anyone else to hear them out.

Read a Message Without Turning off the Blue TickRead a Message Without Turning off the Blue Tick

When the tick changes its color to blue in a WhatsApp chat, it indicates that the other person has read your message. This helps both parties know the status of the message. WhatsApp allows you to turn off the blue tick option, not letting others know if you’ve read their message. Similarly, you can also not know if your message has been read by the other person or not. This is the only drawback of turning off the blue tick option which is basically known as the ‘read receipts’ feature that none of the parties can get to know if the other has read the message or not.

To avoid turning off the blue tick feature entirely, you should definitely check out this hack. When you receive a message on WhatsApp, turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and simply go offline. Now once you’re offline, open the WhatsApp and read the message. By doing this, you can read the message without letting the other person find out if you’ve read their message or not.

Send Your Message Without Typing

Sometimes, it so happens that you’re not in the mood to type a message but really want to send it across. In this case, you must try out this hack that lets you send a message on WhatsApp without you typing it.

Use Siri if you own an iPhone or Ok Google if you have an Android phone and say ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘OK Google’ respectively and then continue saying, ‘Send WhatsApp to’ followed by the name of the contact person you wish to send the message. This way, you can dictate the whole message without typing anything at all and get your message delivered.

Hide WhatsApp Folder from Phone Gallery

Hide WhatsApp Folder from Phone Gallery

Imagine someone takes hold of your phone and views all the pictures inside your WhatsApp folder. You surely wouldn’t want someone to look at those pictures or files that you share through the app. Thankfully, there’s a hack that allows you to hide the WhatsApp folder(s) from your phone gallery.

Head over to the file manager and then open the WhatsApp folder. In this folder, you will come across two folders – WhatsApp images and WhatsApp video. All you need to do is add a dot in the prefix for both of these folders and you’re done. To put into simple words, rename the file name and add a dot right at the beginning of the name.