[Review] 2C3D Camera for Blind People

Camera for Blind People

Although 3D cameras had embraced the market, there still wasn’t anything available for the blind people. Industrial designer, Oren Geva realized that this was a problem that needed addressing so he focused on coming up with the 3D camera for blind people himself. This is where he came up with the idea of 2C3D and put his team to work on it.

The team came up with multiple concepts and finally, settled on one. The 2C3D is now an amazing camera for blind people and works great. Everything in 2C3D camera is in 3D, which allows blind people to use the touch features rather easily. The experience is nice and smooth, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of effort either. Just aim and take pictures – it’s simple as that.



When it comes to cameras, functionality is the most important aspect. With 2C3D focused on blind people, the functionality had to be top notch and the good news is that it actually is. The gadget works brilliantly and functions just like any other camera available on the market.

Blind people, of course, need some pointers in order to get used to it, but once they are accustomed to the controls, the rest is easy. They can take pictures of one individual or multiple people – just like a regular camera, and that is what makes 2C3D all so special.

Photo Album

This 3D camera also has a photo album where all of the photos are stored. Just like other albums, people can go through them at will. A blind person will be able to feel the photos on the camera’s 3D album, which is revolutionary. Nothing like this had ever been done before, which makes this feat even better.

The captured images show up in the dotted form so that the blind person can feel them with their hands. Every photo that has been taken shows up in the 3D album and can be viewed at any time. This technology and the gadget itself work without any hassle.


2C3D camera for blind people is a revolutionary addition to the market. Blind people are getting represented in every field, so it feels good that now they have a camera to work with as well. It not only offers something that wasn’t present before, but it also opens up new avenues for other creators. They now have a concept to work with, and they can improve on it by offering a ton of new features. When the first camera arrived, nobody thought it would get any better, but it did. We feel that the same will happen when it comes to cameras for blind people.

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