Check Out Our Exclusive Take on Mobistealth Monitoring Solution

In the current digital age, it has become an absolute necessity for parents as well employers for deploying monitoring solutions in order to keep a track on kids and employees’ activity respectively. For those who are not familiar with the monitoring solutions yet, it is an online monitoring tool or a software, designed in such a way to help you monitor digital devices be it mobile phones (both Android and iPhone), tablets, or laptops and desktop computers. With abundant of monitoring solutions available in the market, it is important to first study their features before deciding to opt for one. The monitoring tool we will be shedding light upon in this post is Mobistealth.

Mobistealth has been in the market for a long time now and has successfully managed to garner some decent reviews from the users. It is designed in a way to help parents and employers to keep a track on their children and employees’ device activity. Parents can seek help from this monitoring tool to ensure their child’s safety on the internet, keeping them away from the online dangers. On the other hand, employers can deploy this monitoring tool on the company-owned devices handed over to employees to track their activity, ensuring they are not wasting time on their devices playing games or chatting with their friends.

How Does Mobistealth Work

Mobistealth comes off as a nice monitoring solution, offering abundant of advanced surveillance features. Some of its incredible features include calls and text messages recording, location tracking, surround recording, social media activity monitoring and much more.
Using Mobistealth, unlike other monitoring tools, is not complicated. Once Mobistealth is downloaded and installed on a target’s device, it starts recording all the activity taking place on their device and then sends back the same information to your online Mobistealth account.
From the same online account, which is basically your dashboard, you can monitor your target’s device activity and find out what they have been doing on the app all day along.
For instance, if you are a concerned parent who would like to know what your child does on their device all day long, you can deploy this monitoring app on their mobile phone to keep a track on their online activity. Similarly, an employer can also install this monitoring solution on their employee’s device to ensure company’s resources are not being misused.

Benefits of Using Mobistealth

While we were testing out this monitoring tool, we came across several benefits that allowed us to think this is not a bad app at all. Let us see what advantages Mobistealth offers over other monitoring tools in the market. Following are a some of the benefits of using this monitoring tool:
Easy Installation
The installation process of Mobistealth is quite easy and simple. Without facing any complications, you can start using this monitoring tool. All you need to do is follow a three step installation process which requires you to first sign up to Mobistealth followed by downloading and installing the monitoring software on your target’s device. As soon as the monitoring tool is installed, it is completely ready to start monitoring the target’s device.

Supports Non-Rooted Devices

One of the major benefits of using Mobistealth as your ultimate monitoring solution is that it offers monitoring of social media accounts including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Keylogger on non-rooted devices as well. For instance, if you’re using a device which has not been rooted, even then Mobistealth can be installed on it for monitoring various instant messaging apps as mentioned above.
Prevents Data Leakage from the Company
Do you want to prevent data leakage from your company? Then Mobistealth is a good fix for you as it has the ability to record all calls sent and received from your employee’s cell phone and then upload all the call records to your online account, allowing you to listen to them at your own convenience.
However, this feature is only available for the Android phones at the moment. Mobistealth also supports surround recordings which means that it records the surroundings of your employee’s cell phone, enabling you to listen to the recordings later at your own convenience from anywhere at any time. Last but not the least, its keylogging feature keeps a record of every keystroke your employee types on the device. This feature basically helps you ensure your employee is not sharing the company’s confidential information with an outsider.

Monitors Emails and Chats

The majority of users exchange messages with other online using instant messengers and email services. Mobistealth allows you to monitor majority of the chat messengers such as WhatsApp, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, KiK, Line, Viber, and Blackberry. Similarly, emails can also be logged with this monitoring software. For instance, you can get remote access to all the Gmail activity on the target device. So, next time you catch your child or employee using the chat messengers or sending/receiving emails on Gmail, you can remotely monitor them using Mobistealth.

Offers 24/7 Support

Mobistealth offers incredible 24/7 customer support to its valuable users. Whoever is stuck somewhere while navigating the app or doesn’t know how to use a certain feature can always get in touch with the support team that works round the clock to assist you.

Money-Back Guarantee

Another important benefit of using Mobistealth is that it offers you 14-days money-back guarantee. Just in case, you’re not satisfied with the product, you can get your funds back within fourteen days of its use.
Monitors the Location
Mobistealth comes with a location tracking feature. The location of the device is reported in terms of longitude and latitude. With this monitoring software, location tracking is possible even if the GPS is not present on the phone. This feature is helpful for those companies whose employees often travel outdoors for work, allowing employers to remain updated about their employees’ location information. Similarly, parents can make use of this feature to keep a track on their child’s whereabouts.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Mobistealth supports a number of platforms including Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, and iOS devices.

Improves Work Productivity

Mobistealth is quite beneficial in improving employee productivity and efficiency at work. By deploying this monitoring solution, you can find out which employees arrive late at work and then leave early. It has a feature known as computer access tracker which takes pictures of the employee every time he logs in and logs out of the computer.
Further to that, it takes screenshots of your employee’s device at regular intervals, helping you know what your employee is actually up to. When employees know their entire online activity is being tracked, they avoid wasting time at work and tend to perform their tasks efficiently. This improves their work productivity.

Drawbacks of Using Mobistealth

While we have discussed the benefits of using Mobistealth, let us talk about some of its drawbacks as well. There aren’t many but we’d still like to give you an insight into them.

Continuous Monitoring

One drawback of using Mobistealth is that it requires continuous monitoring and maintenance to keep a track on the target’s device. Getting this software installed on your child’s device or on your employee’s workstation is quite easy but you also need to have plenty amount of time to regularly monitor the monitoring solution’s results.
For instance, if you have assigned someone at work to constantly review the monitoring solution deployed on your employee’s device, then it would work out well for you but if you haven’t then it could be slightly problematic.

Loss of Trust and Respect

Having a monitoring solution deployed at your office or at home will automatically create an atmosphere of distrust and disrespect. Employees may feel that their company doesn’t trust them to get their tasks done, as a result, they can become dissatisfied with the job and may even leave the company.
As far as children are concerned, even they would like their parents to sneak into their device activity and check what they have been doing on the internet. Once they find out that their devices are being monitored, it could create conflict between parents and children.


Mobistealth works best for parents who want to keep a track of their children’s online activity so as to protect them from the online threats such as cyberbullying, pornography, and getting in touch with pedophiles. This monitoring tools helps parents provide a safer online experience to their children.
As far as employers are concerned, they can deploy this monitoring solution at work especially if they do not have enough time to personally keep an eye on every single employee at work. Companies can make use of this software to enhance their work productively as monitoring tools like Mobistealth can help boost efficiency and reduce wastage of time.