Facebook Campus – A Student Networking Site by Facebook

If you remember, the big social media giant Facebook was originally designed for students only. You would have required a student email address and further college information to sign up. But, with the increasing demands, it then turned in to social media platform which was accessible by anyone regardless of one’s occupation, age, or gender. People over 13 can easily join Facebook with a general email address and enjoy it.

Not making any changes to that, Facebook has announced a new feature called Facebook Campus for the students. Yes, you read it right, Facebook is back with its old feature where only students with their college IDs would be allowed to sign up. It is referred to as ‘the dedicated section of the Facebook app designed for students’. The content share on that platform can only be seen by the people sharing the same institution.

Facebook Campus, Why Now?

Well, it was never off the table, but now seems to be a more appropriate time for it. Charmaine Hung, the product manager of Facebook Campus said, ‘With Covid-19, we are noticing that not many students are returning to their campuses in the fall. Classes are being helped through online platforms and students need to feel normal again by connecting to the clubs and organizations that they care about even when they are not together’.

He added, ‘in the early days, Facebook was a college-only network. We are reliving those days and returning to our roots thus providing the students a platform to maintain those relationships, even if they are not physically attending college. However, this place won’t be ideal for pursuing entertainment and sharing inappropriate stuff. But it is a great way of initiating friendships, sharing knowledge, and being better at studies’.

How Will Facebook Campus Work?

You will have to provide your college email address to join the network along with some other information. You will be connected to other people from the same institute, it is like going to college but you cannot just see each other physically.

There will be chat rooms for students to share stuff and study together. It will also include a news feed where students can see information about what is going on right now and what are the upcoming events. It will also provide a campus directory where students can find each other through names, majors, years, and more. The directory will be like an opt-in experience where it won’t be updated automatically.

‘The campus profile will contain your name, profile photo, cover photo, and your graduation year. You will be given an option to give further information if you want to; said privacy and data policy manager of Facebook. The Facebook campus is currently available at some of the US colleges and it is soon going to be expanded to other countries.

With the Facebook campus launching, the roads to the modern study are explored. Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed, everyone is moving towards modern ways of doing things that were done in simpler manners before. The world is going remote now. Jobs are remote, meetings are remote, and nearly everyone has to do things while being at home.

It would be a great loss if the educational industry doesn’t progress and do something to let the students continue their studies. Remote learning is a great way of pursuing studies in these difficult times. The Facebook campus is making things more convenient and easy for the students and staff. Though it is only available for around thirty schools in the US, we know how it will expand soon like all other Facebook features.