Facial Recognition Glasses are Changing the Way Cops Operate

The cops are always short-handed when it comes to the available tools, but things are about to change with facial recognition glasses. Before we get to them however, there are things we must address. Firstly, in most countries, they are only allowed to carry a stick, which is all well and good except it doesn’t help if an officer encounters an armed criminal.

Even in countries where firearm is given to the police officer, it is a one-shot pistol that doesn’t really prove to be much help against a fully automatic weapon. Cops always feel threatened due to them being short-handed. And this makes them do things that they normally wouldn’t do.

If they suspect someone, they just shoot them without even giving it a second thought. They are looking out for themselves and are trying to do the right thing, but sadly, that doesn’t happen. By mistake, they hurt or even kill an innocent civilian and that hurts the image of the police force.

A lot of ideas have been presented by the people in different fields, but none of them really helped. However, the new technology called facial recognition glasses is turning heads.

Facial Recognition Glasses

Facial Recognition Glasses

The concept for such glasses was brought to life quite some time ago, but just like most concepts these days, it was considered obsolete. Not a lot of people thought it could be done, so they just gave up on the idea of it. However, not a lot of people gave up. Some of them stuck with this concept and created the prototypes of these goggles.

The glasses were incredible in the beginning but just like all prototypes, they had some issues as well. The potential was there though and everyone saw that. Chinese police began helping the people behind this project so that they could be the first ones to gain help from it.

The engineers took their sweet time and worked all of the kinks out.  Facial recognition glasses became ready to be used very recently, and as promised, the first working products were sent to the police officers in China.

Chinese Police Force

Chinese Police Force

Cops in China have been using facial recognition glasses for over a month now and results have been staggering. They are able to identify suspects in different crimes rather easily and they can also find people who are using false identities. This latest technology has given a whole lot of power to the cops and that has given them a huge boost in confidence.

Facial recognition glasses are being distributed to cops at the entrances of the cities. With the help of these goggles, they can check car registration plates with ease. If there is a blacklisted number on a vehicle, everyone will be notified in an instant. This system is spreading fast in China and to keep up the pace, they have decided to expand the glasses program.

The production on them is being done at a larger scale so that almost everyone on the force has a gadget with them. It will help in a lot of ways especially in China because they have very strict rules and regulations.

Multiple Test Results

Multiple Test Results

Most recently, facial recognition glasses were used at the gates of the parliament and the government blacklisted criminals, journalists, political dissidents, human right activists, and bunch of others. Instead of asking for identifications from each and every individual, this process was a lot faster.

The cops knew what people would be let in and who will stay out. Streamlining this process helped keep the proceeding in parliament clean. They were able to avoid all kinds of people that could potentially interfere.

Another test took place in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan. Units patrolling the train stations in the city were provided these glasses. By February 8th of 2018, they had caught over seven suspects and 26 travelers who were using false identities. These goggles are amazing and doing great work for the police.

Future of Facial Recognition Glasses


Its effectiveness is showing. More and more people are getting interested and as you can imagine, governments of other countries are taking keen interest in it. China is committed to these glasses. And as discussed above, they are actively trying to expand the program so that more of these goggles can be created.

Currently, they are working on an algorithm that would allow these goggles to identify people even when they are in a different get up. Some people might grow beards or a mustache or they could be wearing a ton of clothing to hide their faces. However, it will not be able to stop facial recognition glasses from doing its job. This technology alone makes these goggles amazing for the police.

General public won’t be getting their hands on these glasses. And that’s really a blessing. There are a lot of bad apples in the community and if they got their hands on such a product, they would certainly misuse it.

China is being extremely careful about the release of facial recognition glasses. They want to ensure that no civilian is able to get their hands on it.

Things are being done a certain way in China. But that does not mean that the whole world will follow suit. Countries are taking interest in these goggles, and you never know how they might deploy it. They may use the same method as China or they could allow their release to general public. The likelihood of this happening is quite low, but you can never be too sure.