How to Fix Camera shows Card Cannot Be Accessed

With the advancement in mobile phone cameras, many people have now stopped using digital cameras for taking their everyday photos. However, the ones who always remain in the pursuit of taking higher quality and exceptional pictures are still inclined to use a digital camera.

People who use digital cameras for higher quality pictures would, more or less, be familiar with this error – “card cannot be accessed.” In case you are troubled with this error and want to have a workable solution for it then don’t worry – we have got you covered.

If your camera repeatedly shows you the caution ‘card cannot be accessed’ then you need to adopt some methods that have been outlined below. Let’s find out how to fix a camera that shows card cannot be accessed.

Canon camera is a renowned sophisticated camera that is used for both professional photography as well as videography. With it, you can record audio from an external source. Its high capabilities have earned it a name in independent film-making as an affordable alternative to digital cameras.

However, unlike other digital cameras, Canon is not immune to turning corrupt as it suddenly begins showing error. After going through a puddle of complaints from the Canon camera users’, we came to realize that most of them have reported the same problem – camera says the card cannot be accessed.

If you find your camera showing you this error, then we would advise you to stay calm. It may be normal for some Canon cameras to not access your memory card. The thing is, a memory card is fragile compared to a common hard drive. In other words, a memory card is prone to get damaged more easily.

How to Resolve Error ‘Card Cannot Be Accessed’ and Recover Photos or Videos

We are about to tell you how you can resolve the error ‘card cannot be accessed’ and recover photos and videos from the card.

How to recover:

We were fortunate to come across a good choice for data recovery software which is known as MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Below, we will walk you through all the steps required to recover photos from SD card without formatting it.

Step 1: Please get and install the data recovery software on your computer immediately.

Step 2: When this operation is completed, you should take out the card properly from the camera and connect it to the computer. Now, launch the tool to recover data from inaccessible memory card. You can see the MiniTool power data recovery main interface as well as the features it offers

Step 3: Choose “Removable Disk Drive” from the main interface in order to recover data from corrupted SD card. Then, check whether your camera card appears in the list on the picture below.

Step 4: The full scan may take a bit longer to complete as it depends on the usage of your card. Here you need to wait until the scan gets completed if you are looking to get the best recovery results.

As soon as the full scan completes, all the possible partitions including all sorts of files and folders will be shown listed in the results.

Step 5: Now, you need to expand the partitions one by one in order to have a clear view of the items included in them, so as to find out the files you need to recover.

This is the whole process to recover photos from the camera.

How to Repair:

After you are done with recovering lost photos from the camera, you must format the memory card in order to make it usable again. There are several options on how to format a camera card properly as follows:

1.       Ensure the SD card is properly inserted into the camera. Generally, you can find the SD port in the battery compartment of your camera. Keep in mind, its location may not be fixed in all the cameras. Then, gently push the card into the slot you come across. As soon as the card is inserted into the slot, you will hear the sound and also feel that it has clicked in the right place.

2.       Switch your camera on and then press the “Menu” or the “Preferences” button. Remember, the name of the button changes with the camera.

3.       Press the Multi-controller in order to navigate to the “Camera Settings” menu. Here, you need to look for the “Format” or the “Format card” option.

4.       Choose the format option and click the “OK” button to confirm the action. Please bear in mind that all the data on the SD card will be lost during the process of formatting, as the prompt message says.

5.       Wait for the formatting, which may take a few minutes, depending on how many files need to be erased from the card. As soon as this process is completed, you will find your memory card all blank and ready to store new photos and videos.

Further to that, you can pull the memory card out of the camera and then connect it to your computer for formatting. Under such circumstances, you can through four different ways to format the camera card using a data recovery software.

The error ‘card cannot be accessed’ shown by most cameras is not as terrible as some of you thought it would be. When you really encounter this error, please stay calm and keep this in mind: you can fix the error totally by your own.