Google’s Gmail Redesign Is Here. Here’s What to Look Out For

Gmail, the world’s most popular email service has just got the biggest overhaul last week. With significant changes like email snoozing, nudging, creating tasks, and confidential mode making a debut, Gmail has also revamped the look of the entire web version, naming it as Gmail redesign.

Since Gmail launched its free email service for its users around fourteen years back, it hasn’t seen this kind of revamp as it has today. If you have seen it already, you must know the new Gmail redesign has a modernistic approach to it and looks far better than the classic design. In fact, the Google’s updated features have also been praised by the users.

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How to Shift to the New Gmail Redesign?

The new Gmail redesign was rolled out last week, becoming the talk of the town and rightfully so. It has become available to most of the Gmail’s users so far. Those who still haven’t been able to witness the revamped Gmail can turn it on themselves. Turning on the new Gmail design is quite easy.

All you need to do is open the Gmail home page, click the gear icon appearing on the top-right corner and then you may come across a new option at the top of the drop-down list indicating ‘Try the new Gmail.’ Simply click that option and you’re good to go. In case the option is still not there for you need to hang tight. The design has been rolled out globally so it may take a few more days to reach to you.


What Makes Gmail Redesign Special?

The reason why Google’s Gmail redesign has been getting undiluted attention is because it comes with a look that’s quite close to the Gmail mobile apps. Moreover, there is a ton of new functionality, with many new features and functions. We have given a breakdown of the list of features that have been introduced with the Gmail redesign. Let’s have a look at them.

The Confidential Mode

By introducing the confidential mode in the Gmail redesign, Google has tightened its security. There’s no doubt security and privacy get a lot of prominence with this feature. The new ‘confidential mode’ allows users to set expiry dates on the emails. Users can set this mode on so their emails cannot be copied, forwarded, downloaded, or printed.

Having said that, let us also inform you this mode can’t be set to regular emails. So how does Gmail really enforce this confidentiality with emails sent to users who aren’t using the Gmail service?

Basically, emails being set as confidential are not regular emails. Recipients who aren’t using the Gmail service will receive a link to the Gmail Confidential web portal, where they can securely read the email unless it’s not expired yet.

It has been said that confidential mode will be rolled out to consumer Gmail users and a limited number of select G Suite customers in the coming days.

Snoozing and Nudging

Snoozing and Nudging Features

With the new Gmail redesign, Google has put a lot of emphasis on its artificial intelligence capabilities. The new ‘nudging’ feature allows users to set reminders for responding to or following up on significant emails.

Users can also ‘snooze’ certain emails so they can be reminded to respond to them later, just like with alarm clock.

The ‘smart reply’ feature, which has been already made available to the mobile app, suggesting possible responses or replies to questions being asked in emails, is now making its way to the web version of Gmail.

Unsubscribe Emails

Another useful feature rolled out by Google apart from the Gmail redesign is the option of asking users if they’d like to unsubscribe to a particular mailing list. Once Gmail notices that a user has been receiving a huge chunk of emails from a particular list but never reads them, it will ask the user whether or not they would like to unsubscribe to that mailing list.

New Tasks App

The New Tasks App

Google’s new tasks app works just like a to-do list. Emails can be dragged-and-dropped from Gmail straight into the new Tasks app, automatically creating a to-do list. Tasks can be added into the new add-ons bar which is present on the right side of the screen. The tasks added are always accessible. Three icons are included in the tasks app by default: the first is Google Calendar, second is Google Keep, and the third is Google Tasks.

Users can also add certain emails to tasks so that they can easily remember the task associated with the email in their inbox and can work on it accordingly.

With Google Tasks, one can also create and manage multiple task lists. This helps in putting all the similar tasks in one group. In case you want to switch between lists or create a new task list altogether, then simply click on the name of the current list in the top-left corner of the Tasks add-ons bar.

Coming down to the conclusion, it would be safe to say that Gmail redesign has been the biggest change Google has ever made to its email service. Despite looking ultra-modern than its classic version and offering exciting new, helpful features, Gmail redesign is going to take some time to prove itself and seemingly, it will be able to pull it off one day as the new changes look quite promising.

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