How to build a video wall for Gaming

Technology has a promising immersive gaming experience. Nevertheless, it hasn’t grown enough to fit the game developers’ platforms. Video walls currently are the ideal immersive gaming solution. A video wall is made up of a comparatively small screen assorted systematically to form one large screen. The screen displays large and more visible images which give the user an excellent detailed gaming encounter. Compared to the single utilized monitor, video walls innovation has sprouted to provide a better entertainment experience.

You can install a video wall all by yourself. It does not necessarily require the skill to build a video wall, but it is advisable to seek a professional guide to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. Like any other project, building a video wall requires a process to be followed. Below is a step by step guide on how to go about it:

1. Planning

planning is an essential step for any project. For this, project planning includes;

Your budget has to go hand in hand with the space available for you to come to a decision on the screen you want to install. Also, the lighting of the room is something to consider; it should be limited to reduce the viewing interface.

2. Purchasing the equipment

The aspect key consideration when purchasing the hardware is the resolution of the screen. It determines the viewing distance, which influences the gamer’s experience. It’s the ideal factor to compensate for the length of view. The other thing to consider is the uniformity of the screen. The screen should be of the same size for uniform image distribution. It should also have the ability to respond quickly. Response time less than one or two milliseconds and a refreshing rate of 120Hz – 144Hz are ideal.

3. Setting the video wall

The process comprises of screens configured for single usage initially. More precise modification need to be done on the video wall configuration and calibration. Failure to it will lead to improper alignment or amount to damaging. When the mountain process is complete, you can go ahead and connect the wiring.

4. Connecting the setup

There are two methods used when it comes to joining a video wall. They are:

  1. Daisy chain; it uses a serial connecting technique. All the monitors in the set up are connected to one primary monitor with HDMI connect. Any other connection to the monitors is based on the position
  2. Graphic boards, Nvidia, and AMD are the graphics cards mostly used. This method involves a graphic board that comprises of many graphics cards that are connected to a specific screen. Some of the graphic boards can sustain twelve graphic cards.

5.Software configuration

Configuring the setup’s software is the last step to building a video wall for gaming. It helps in the management as well as the operation of the wall. The desktop will be the first component to configure. Another application includes Mosaic and Eyefinity. The above procedure is followed step by step, guarantees a perfect setup which will bring alive the fantastic experience when gaming.