How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game full of adventures and fun. If you want to explore it further, you ought to learn a thing or two about it like crafting a map or making a saddle. If you already don’t know how to make a map in Minecraft, learn here. Moving further, you might want to learn about how to make a saddle in Minecraft.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft?

Saddles are used to ride mules, horses, and pigs in the game. Unlike most of the things in the Minecraft, saddles cannot be crafted by you can find one. Here are some of the ways to find a saddle in Minecraft:

1.      Finding a Saddle in a Chest

You can find a saddle packed up in a chest. There are plenty of places to look into to find a chest with a saddle. But unfortunately, you won’t find a saddle in every chest. Here are some of the locations to find the chest that might contain saddle:

·         Abandoned Mineshafts

You will find these mineshafts underground covered in cobwebs. You can also find these mineshafts on the surface in Badlands biomes. There are generally giant spiders, skeletons, and other baddies there.

·         Desert Temples

You will see a hole in the center of the deserted temple’s floor that leads directly to the ac chamber underneath. You will find four chests there containing horse armor, string, rotten flesh, and much more.

·         Dungeons

In caves, you will find dungeons that are based on mossy stone bricks and cobblestones. You will also see a fire pit in the center that spawns monsters that are guarding the chest.

·         Jungle Temples

Jungle temples are harder to find because of all the trees and vines. Usually, they are constructed with cobblestone, vines, and mossy cobblestone. Go inside, walk down the stairs, and disable all the traps.

·         Nether Fortress

To get into the Nether, you need to build a Nether Portal by using obsidian blocks along with steel and flint. You can find a chest containing saddle there.

2.      Trade for a Saddle

You can also get a saddle from Leatherworker villagers. If you don’t see any of the villagers around, you can always place a cauldron and spawn a villager. Level up the villager because you won’t get saddle until it reaches level 3. You can trade leather, rabbit hide, emeralds, flint, and whatever the villagers require.

Once you reach level 5, your chances of acquiring a saddle rise to 50%.

3.      Fishing for a Saddle

The chances of finding a saddle while fishing is low, but there is a possibility that you can find a saddle there so keep an eye for it. This shouldn’t be your primary method of finding a saddle, but if you are fishing, you can look for one.

Now that you know how to make a saddle in Minecraft, get on with it and enjoy the game.