How to Tame A Horse in Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft is interesting and adventurous in its way. When you are on your own in the field, exploring the world far away from the little home that you have created in Minecraft, you would find it lovely to have a trusted steed by your side. No one is a great companion than a horse on this lonely journey. While you can jump on any horse in the game, you might need to tame a wild horse to get access to amazing actions. So, let’s learn how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

How to Tame A Horse in Minecraft?

Taming a horse comes after finding yourself a suitable one. So, let’s take it from step one:

·         Finding a Horse:

You will find horses spawning in savannas and plains in the form of herds of two to six. These are usually grassy areas with scattered trees. You will see a variety of colors – chestnuts, gray, brown, black, and flaxen chestnut – with different markings that a horse can spawn with. While it is not at all difficult to find the horse in the herds, but you can look more into it if you have some color preferences. You can also find horses in the stables in the villages nearby if you have the intention of stealing one instead of finding the wild one.

·         How to Tame A Horse?

It might seem difficult but yet it is simple. When you have selected the horse you like, you just have to mount on it again and again until it starts liking you. For mounting on the top of it, you can press ‘Use’ with an empty hand. If you are holding an empty item, you won’t be able to mount on it. When you start riding it, it might buck you off on the first go. But you have to keep trying and keep mounting. Each time, it bucks you off, you got to get back on it and try again. Eventually, when you are successful, a cloud of hearts will appear on the horse which shows that it is tamed.

Using A Tamed Horse

Now that you have been successful in taming the horse, it is time to ride it. For this, you will need to find a saddle from a nearby village and equip it. You can only ride that horse around the world if you have the swaddle. Horses can jump higher than your character, so hold down the jump button to charge up a bigger jump. You can use any item while you are riding a horse.

Once you have learned how to tame and ride your new horse, it is time to start having fun with it. You can even equip the horse with the armor for sudden use. Explore new things with your new horse and enjoy it.

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