HyperLoop Trains Aim to Rival Airplanes with 1000mph Speed


Modes of transpirations have become somewhat stale over the past few years. Yes, we have seen an increase in the speed of the cars and some new ideas from HyperLoop, but when the traffic is packed everywhere, there is very little excitement in owning the fastest vehicle.

Things need to change because currently, there’s a complete mess on the roads. People don’t want to use subways either as they have become extremely unreliable, or can prove to be dangerous and time-consuming. Everyone wants a solution, a faster one at that. They want to be able to reach their destination without worrying about getting late at all times.

Most of the people take multiple holidays because they have to go back home which is a different state entirely. The travel obviously takes time and its toll. When that particular individual comes back to work, they are not giving 100%. They are not doing it willingly, it’s just that they can’t help it. They are tired of the long journey, have to wake up early in the morning, and then come to work on time the next day.

It’s a hectic routine and is damaging people – physically and mentally. Fortunately, people at HyperLoop have taken notice of this danger and are working on trains that can travel as fast as airplanes. The idea is that the train will be held up in a separate tube. This will rid it of all kinds of resistances, hence allowing it to travel at almost 1000mph.

The best part is that this idea is not just a concept anymore as work on HyperLoop trains has been going on for multiple years, and we are starting to see different experiments all over the globe as well.

What is HyperLoop?

HyperLoop started as a small startup and had the right idea. However, due to lack of designs, they felt helpless. This is where UCLA came for help. Students of UCLA came up with multiple designs that helped resolve the problems that people at HyperLoop were facing.

After figuring out the initial stuff, they began working on making this project a reality. They came up with prototypes and have started testing them at different locations. The above video highlights the ideas and initial thought process behind them.

The initial stage got complete, and HyperLoop started testing their product to achieve great results. Word got out and more people started to work on this project. It’s not just a U.S. thing anymore. HyperLoop is now working on fastest trains in India, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe as well. It is getting a lot of attention lately which is great. With more support, the project will go over even better and will allow us to travel in resistance-less trains sooner.

In case you’re wondering if this project can actually be brought to life, don’t fret because multiple models of the inner HyperLoop tubes have already been created. You can check them out in action in the video below.

Why They Haven’t Finalized Trains

A lot of people ask HyperLoop that if they have already created the concepts of the train and the terminals, they haven’t started to actually build them in cities. The people behind the startup answered this question themselves. They stated that the biggest hurdle that they are facing at this point is how to make everyone traveling comfortable.

HyperLoop wants people to feel right at home. This obviously requires a lot of work especially if your goal is to make the fastest possible train. Nothing can be ignored as even the slightest bit of mishap can lead to a huge disaster. People at HyperLoop realizes that, which is why they are working and testing all kinds of creations. They want to come up with the most comfortable way for people to travel in their trains, and simultaneously, want to ensure peoples’ safety as well.

Speed Tests

Speed Tests in some locales are underway as HyperLoop wants its product to be absolutely perfect. The initial plan is to make it run from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This journey between two cities can be quite taxing. However, HyperLoop is looking to change that.

If this train becomes a reality, which is on course to become, it will reduce the travel time from L.A. to San Francisco to mere 50 minutes. In less than an hour, you will be able to reach your destination and that’s an amazing feat.

Human Factor

HyperLoop believes that a large number of accidents happen due to the human factor. This is why they have decided to completely remove it from their design. The trains they have created are automatic and don’t need a driver. The vehicle will be controlled with an AI.

SIt will decide when to take turns, when to stop, and when to start moving. Issues can arise in AI as well, and HyperLoop is well aware of that. This is the reason they are testing it to an extreme before rolling it out to the general public.

As discussed earlier in the article, modes of transportations have been becoming stale. Although companies are trying their very best to improve on the existing models, still that isn’t helping. The roadblocks have become a huge issue all over the globe.

However, if HyperLoop train starts functioning, then the roads will become clearer as more people would want travel through cities at faster speeds. This is a step in the right direction and we hope that we see them in action soon. HyperLoop has commented multiple times that they are hoping to bring their first functioning train to the world in 2021 and that’s not too far away.

We see all kinds of cool stuff in the movies, but rarely anything like that happens in real life. The fastest train, however, is a different beast and with the amount of testing that’s being done on it, you can bet that we will eventually see it in action.

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