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Desktop apps

4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Desktop Apps

Now that the world is making a more drastic shift to the digital space, more and more businesses are appreciating the use of various online solutions. It has led to an increase in software-as-a-solution (SaaS) ...

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iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is Out: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About it

If you are an Apple fan, you would already know that its new phone, iPhone 13 has come out last week. The new Apple iPhone 13 comes with a tweaked design, comprising several new features. Those who ...

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Pizza Slice

Imagine You are a Slice of an Expired Pizza stuck in a Corner of a Refrigerator

I started  screaming...Nooooo, why is he throwing me away? I thought. The man scooped me up and I was happy that he was finally about to taste me but then, he said, “Why does this ...

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survival tools we still use

Get to Know About the Primitive Survival Tools That We Still Use

If you have seen someone saying, ‘it is primitive’, it usually means that it is not the same today as it once was. Primitive technology is the term that is used to define the ways people make things ...

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How to improve cyber security

How to Create an Effective Cybersecurity Policy?

Ever since hacking, money theft, documents theft, and other related things have become the source of many damages, it has become important to take care of cybersecurity. Companies, big or small, are starting to create cybersecurity policies to ...

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Here are the Primitive Skills You Need to Master (Part 1)

What guarantee do you have for survival if there is no electricity or technology on the Earth? Will you survive without your gadgets and the things that are ready-made for you? People like us are used to digital ...

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