earth without the moon

What Would Be Life on Earth Without the Moon?

Have you ever wondered what would life be on Earth without the moon? All the planets in our solar system have moons orbiting around them. While some planets wouldn’t get affected much if one or ...

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Things You Should Avoid Putting Down the Drain

Imagine having a great get together at your place. As soon as your guests leave, you come across a huge pile of dirty plates stocked on your kitchen counter. While it may seem dreadful in ...

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Earth Facts

Earth Facts: What if Earth Doubled in Size

One of the Earth facts that we know is that it’s huge. However, it is not as big as the other planets in the solar system. Some people argue that if the size of this ...

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Deprived of Oxygen

What Would Happen if the World Gets Deprived of Oxygen for 5 Seconds?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the world lost oxygen for about five seconds? Five seconds may seem like a brief amount of time but it can bring a devastating effect on the ...

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Diets without Bees

Our Diets Would Never Be the Same Without Bees

Did you know what would happen if all the bees in the world become extinct? Let us tell you what a world without bees would be like. A world without bees would mean a world ...

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