Need More Fun? Entertaining Escape Room Will Definitely Help You

Here we have got for you Atlanta escape rooms to spend time with your family and friends and play exciting games. The escape rooms are the real physical adventures games where you are required to solve puzzles, by using clues, strategies, hints in 60 minutes to escape the particular room by completing the specific goal. It has different themes like Aztec Temples, Space Stations, Prison cells etc.

Players are given a chance to choose their challenge and a kind of game they want to play. Paranoia Quest escape room is one of the leading companies that provides the most exciting and unique escape rooms game. We have activities and games for all the events like graduation parties, team building, girl’s night out, birthday parties’ corporate events etc.

Ways to find the best escape room

  1. You should always find the escape room Atlanta of medium difficulty level. This allows the participants of both the level i.e. beginners and experienced ones to enjoy the game at the same time.
  • The non-linear games consist of many different puzzles. In this case, the groups are divided into smaller groups and each group carry a puzzle to solve. So, it’s better to go for non-linear games.
  • When you play in a group you should take a theme that is approved by all so that all can enjoy. You should keep in mind that all the escape rooms have different age limits and different group sizes.

Many escape rooms feature one type of adventure or quest. There are many types of escape rooms. All are designed with different range of challenges and quest. Some of them are

  1. Play Detective- Solve mysteries and piece together the puzzle.

The people who loves mysteries, cracking codes, hunting clues etc. would love this game. There are many murder mysteries like gumshoe detective. In this case, you need to find the clues, put them together, follow the trail and then get the leads. Don’t forget you need to complete it before the time ends or it will end in another cold case.

  • Channel your Inner Explorer to a World of Wealth and Wonder.

 Do you know where is the buried treasure? Do you know the notion of space and time? All the answers can be revealed in this game. Many unknown and unearth artefacts hidden by time for thousands of years. It is a game of fantasy and imagination of the world from ancient times where you become the king of your interactive game.

  • Come Face to Face with the Ominous Occult

This is the most fascinating and unknown quest game. It has a lot of magic, fantasy, and hidden surprises that await you at every turn blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

  • Break Free from Prison

This sounds very interesting, right? If you want to experience break free  from prison anytime, you can have it here. In this case, you have to get free before the guards find you. Without being a culprit, you can run from the prison.

  • Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

This may sound weird and thrilling to you. But the people who love horror, thrill like zombies will enjoy this escape room. You will be locked with weird creatures starring at you to quench their thirst. Imagine zombie starring at you and you need to solve the puzzle to escape that level.

These are some of the escape rooms from Paranoia Quest which you will enjoy the most with friends, family. Now instead of going to movies, sitting ideal at home and getting bored book the tickets to land at escape rooms.