Is Peer Pressure a Cause of Teenage Sex ? What Statistics Say?

Friends have a strong impact on the attitude behavior and liking of people. Sexually active teens motivate their friends to have sex even if they do not want to have it. Parents must adopt the right approach.

Peer pressure is certainly the best and the worst thing your teen is facing. If it’s best then it will make your kid feel more confident, independent and happy. If it’s worst then you can expect anything from drug abuse to sex and alcohol consumption to theft. This is what the existing literature on peer pressure and teens tells us.

Let’s Stick to the Facts

Teenage sex is a sensitive issue so it is better to stick with facts rather than judging kids or sharing personal viewpoint. Utrecht University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute conducted a research on teenage sex and it was found that there was a strong impact of negative peer pressure on teens when it came to sex. It was revealed that the chances of teens having sex depend on the attitude of their peers towards sex. If their peers were sexually active and were convinced about the idea of having sex at that age then they would automatically face pressure.

Dr Ron Eagar who is a pediatrician in Denver. He claims that teenagers face a lot of pressure from their dates and friends to have sex. He is of the view that having sex and losing virginity is like winning a marathon for the teens as they need to do this in order to fit in and to maintain pace with their friends. Those who refuse to do this have to listen to strange comments and jokes from the peers. These are the main reasons why teenage sex is on the rise day by day.

Teens Regret It Afterwards

Most of the teens have sex under peer pressure without thinking about the consequences and the worst thing is that majority end up regretting it afterwards. This is what study says. In one study held in New Zealand, the researchers took interviews of more than 1,000 people most of whom were in early and mid twenties. They were asked about the first time they had sex. More than half participants accepted that they now regret doing it that early.

Role of Parents

Mostly, the parents tell kids the harmful effects of having sex in teens. The discussion starts by saying that if you will do this then you will have to face this and that. Parents try to horrify the teens of sex which is certainly not a good approach. Parents should highlight the positive points of not having sex instead of telling the harmful effects of doing it. In other words, tell the same thing but in relatively positive manner. Parents should tell the teens that they should develop this bonding with the love of their life or soulmate after becoming an adult and that they should wait for the right time to start this new phase of their life instead of doing it in rush.

A Small Note for Teens

Stop getting inspired from Hollywood movies, television shows and other related stuff as they do not show the whole picture. The things that look beautiful on televisions may not always look beautiful in reality. Though, everyone talks about sex yet not everyone does it and it is completely okay to wait for the right time as it will save you from regrets in your later life.

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