Here are Some Ways to Prevent Depression Naturally

Gone are the days when depression was not considered a serious mental condition. As the time flew by, people started to accept that depression is real. Now, everyone seems to be talking about the gravity of this problem and how one can combat it. In this post, we will be basically talking about how you can prevent depression naturally.

Depression is termed as a serious mental illness that has become increasingly common everywhere. It’s a mental condition that results in affecting how people act and feel. Apart from that, this mental illness can lead to physical as well as emotional problems and can cause menacing issues in important aspects of a person’s life.

According to various health reports, it has been proved that depression tends to affect any person but it usually occurs to someone for the first time especially when they are in their teens or early 20s. It is also being reported that women are more likely to have depression than men.

Ways to Prevent Depression Naturally

To fight against depression, the majority of the people suffering from depression take medication such as antidepressants and sleeping pills. However, instead of straightaway jumping to medicines, one should first try out the natural methods to treat depression.

Below, we have discussed some ways to prevent depression naturally. Let’s take a look at them.

Do A lot of Exercises

Exercise is really beneficial for health as it offers a wide range of health benefits including helping avoid depression. Both low-intensity and high-intensity exercise can be helpful in this regard.

If we speak of high-intensity exercise, it releases the feel-good chemicals, called as endorphins, into our system. On the other hand, the low-intensity exercise helps to release proteins known as neurotrophic factors, which are basically involved in improving the brain function and making a person feel better.

While the majority of people who are depressed may not find the motivation to exercise, it is always a good idea to help them exercise because this way they will start feeling better. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, you better start jogging or doing some light exercises at home.

Do A lot of Exercises


Stop Giving Yourself Stress

Depression is directly linked with stress. If there’s stress in someone’s life, he/she is considered to be going through a depression. According to a study held with veterinary students in 2012, it was proved that stress had a negative influence on mental health, general health as well as life satisfaction.

There are several factors that may cause stress including work, family life, education, and even relationships. To avoid depression, one must stop giving stress to themselves. Also, it is important to manage and address stressful situations as soon as they arise.

Maintain a Proper Diet

It is important to maintain a proper diet and intake the right amount of nutrients to keep yourself healthy. When you are healthy, your brain functions properly and you do not get depressed over small things.

You can bring some dietary changes in your eating habits if you want to prevent depression naturally. Some of the dietary changes that can help you avoid depression are as follows:

  • Drinking up to 8 glasses of water every day
  • Staying away from caffeinated drinks such as soft drinks and coffee
  • Eating more protein-related food such as poultry, fish, spinach, and eggs
  • Intaking more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Keeping yourself away from trans fats food that is found in processed meat, cookies, cakes, and ready meals

Go for Talking Therapy

CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is one effective method to help people with depression. In fact, this method has been found to be more effective than the medication prescribed to the patients of depression.

There are different forms of CBT. A doctor or psychiatrist can help recognize what kind of talking therapy may be most helpful to a person who has been diagnosed with depression. Normally, depressed people find it easier talking to a stranger, such as a doctor or a therapist, instead of a family member or a close friend.

Talking therapy can help the person talk openly about how they feel and what kind of symptoms they are experiencing. Once the symptoms are identified, it becomes easier to deal with them. Talking therapy is usually a one-on-one situation but there are also many support groups that allow people to come and talk about their problems and many people find them highly effective.

Go for Talking Therapy


Stop Using Alcohol and Drugs

Depression has a direct association with alcohol and drugs. As per The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it has been estimated that around 20 percent of people having depression are also suffering from drug or alcohol disorder.

Under normal circumstances, people do not get affected by moderate consumption of alcohol. However, when someone is having depression, then the consumption of alcohol and drugs can worsen their symptoms.

To prevent depression and at the same time stop yourself from consuming alcohol and drugs, it is recommended to talk CBT or other talk therapy, depending on your requirement. Talk therapy can help you change your thinking patterns and is found to be highly effective. Many people having depression and alcohol disorder will start seeing results from the therapy after a period of 12 to 16 weeks.