Here are the Primitive Skills You Need to Master (Part 1)

What guarantee do you have for survival if there is no electricity or technology on the Earth? Will you survive without your gadgets and the things that are ready-made for you? People like us are used to digital technology, the latest modeled vehicles, luxurious facilities, and everything else that has made the world easy for us. But, there are a few people who are still living in an era where there was nothing available. These are primitive people, and how are they surviving? Let’s find out.

If there is a massive disaster, and all the communications are down, you will be sent back to the era when there were no such facilities to make our lives easier. While the thought of it might give you goosebumps, there are certain acquisition skills and the basic knowledge that will keep the world running no matter what. We need to acquire such skills and learn to survive.

Some Basic Primitive Skills You Should Acquire:

Here are some of the primitive skills that are meant to save you from disasters and keep you running. Have a grasps on them, and you will do okay.

1.      Starting a Fire

It is said that for those who are just starting on the primitive skills, starting a fire is a must and the very first step. For almost everything like cooking, having a light, and warmth, we need a fire. What would you do if you don’t have any access to the lighter or the matches? Well, this is what primitive skills are about. You need to learn to start a fire from steel and flint, and some other friction ways.

Sparking a flame is not enough to start a fire, you need fuel. You will need good tinder to get the process going. If you find the right kindling you can get started, but if you find the dry, it can go through the night. You should look for dead trees and branches.

2.      Finding food

You will go back to the era where the only way to get access to food was fishing, hunting, and foraging. Of course, you are not doing it right now as you have got the food but you need to learn these ways.

For hunting, you will need a bow and arrow, gun, spear, gun, or anything else that works for the type of animal you are hunting. A good hunter kills its prey with respect and doesn’t practice cruelty. For fishing, you can pursue cat-net fishing, fish trapping, spearfishing, and fishing pole. Foraging depends on your location. You need to know what vegetation is available in your area and how you can keep it coming.

3.      Cultivate a Food Source

Agriculture and the cultivation of food are what have kept our ancestors running. If you have moderate gardening skills, you can use them to harvest something big where you can grow your food and feed your family. You need to what plants should be cultivated concerning the season and climate you have. Gardening is a skill and if you have some knowledge you can master the cultivation.

4.      Identify Animal Tracks

You need to what type of animals are surrounded by if you want to keep your family safe and if you want to track food as well. Knowing animal tracks can help a lot with that. You can see what type of animals are moving around and what should be done to be safe from them.

5.      Outdoor Cooking

This might seem like an easy thing but you would be surprised to know that not many people know how to do outdoor cooking. If you know how to cook, it doesn’t mean you have a complete understanding of how long should you keep food on the fire to get it cooked. Cooking with an open flame is very different from cooking on a stovetop. You need to learn how to roast, make soup, bake, and a lot more on the open flame if you want to master outdoor cooking.

6.      Cleaning and Processing Your Food

When you don’t have supermarkets to go to, you will need to raise your livestock, grow your food, and hunt on your own. While you might do that, you also need to learn about clean butchering the food. As important it is to hunt the food and provide it to your family, it is equally important to keep it clean and provide them the fresh and neat food.

7.      Storing the food

You can store a large amount of food in your refrigerator but what if you don’t have any? Will you let go of the food that you cultivated, hunted, or found with so much effort? Well, there are other methods. You can learn how to keep your meat fresh and other food products as they are without the use of refrigerators.

8.      Shelters

What if you are in the middle of nowhere and you have to provide shelter to your family? Can you make a shelter from your surroundings? Well, there are ways through the use of the right tree sticks and other material to construct the shelter for yourself and the family in the time of need.

Once you have learned a few skills, you will be confident enough to survive any environment no matter if the luxuries are not available. This is what primitive skills are all about.