Get to Know About the Primitive Survival Tools That We Still Use

If you have seen someone saying, ‘it is primitive’, it usually means that it is not the same today as it once was. Primitive technology is the term that is used to define the ways people make things using everything from scratch. There is still a group of people who live their life without modern technology and tools, these are called primitive people. They believe that like their ancestors used to live, they can also create things from scratch and make themselves skilled enough to survive even if modern technology fades away.

Primitive technology is a genre of YouTube videos that are usually 15 minutes long. The basic idea behind these videos that everything can be made with the basic tools and without the influence of modern tools. Though the rest of the world is stocking up the resources and things to make sure they are ready for the time when there is no technology, there are people who are getting ready by making themselves capable of making things from scratch.

Though primitive people use the basic primitive survival tools to make things from scratch certain tools are primitive and are being used by many people nowadays. So, let’s take a look at the primitive survival tools that were used by the oldest people to make things and are still in use.

1.      The Axe

The axe is one of the tools that were used in the old times and are still used today. It has been said that the original axe was made around 1.9 million years ago during the stone age. It was nothing but all stones that were sharpened and shaped into the axe. With time, it changed and the advancements were made according to the use. There was no shaft in the old axe but today, we have developed a shaft that helps in swinging. Today, this tool is used for several purposes such as chopping, cutting, hunting, and war. There are several variations made to the axe according to the purpose it is fulfilling today.

2.      Saw

Though today, we see the saw being used as a weapon for execution and torture, it was never meant for that purpose. Originally, the saw was made by odd materials such as flint and seashells but as time passed and technology advanced, people started making it from copper and iron. Saw was never this much sharper, stronger, and effective as it is today. Saw was designed for construction and today, with the advancements and changes, it is still used for construction.

3.      Bow and Arrow

Bow and arrow is another tool that was used in the old-time and is still being used for various purposes. It is said by historians that the original bow and arrow was made in Africa around 64,000 years ago. Bow and arrow became common when those people who made it, migrated with them to different places. Originally, the tool is meant to hunt food but as the war became common, sadly it became a weapon against humanity.

Bow and arrow have different purposes such as it is a hunting device and it is also used in athletic competitions. While there are regions, the bow and arrow are stills used to hunt food.

4.      Hammer

The hammer is similar to a hand axe and it is said that it is the combination of club and hand axe. The hammer was used for construction but it was also a means for hunting and fighting. At first, it was just a blunted stone but as the technology evolved, the hammer was made by molding the iron into a shaft to hit nails to wood and to wedge things together As of today, many different hammers exist depending on the material they are made from and for the purpose they are made.

5.      Knives

It is one of the most versatile and commonly used primitive tools that is being used today. Even today, there are several purposes for using a knife such as self-defense, chopping food, hunting, surgical purposes, and many other things. It is said the knives are made from the axe and it has remained in its original design for most of the part.

Knives are made from various materials such as steel, iron, and ceramic composites. The originals were made from stones, seashells, and animal bones. Today, it is being made from different materials and is used for different purposes.

These are some of those tools that were used by the people who made things originally from scratch. These are the people who made these tools from scratch but we are still using these tools for our common use in this modern world.