Primitive Technology – Know Everything About It

YouTube has become one of the most commonly watched websites where you can find a video about almost everything. You just put in some keywords and there you get the video. Where you can watch music, entertainment, short stories, cooking, exercise, and videos of all the types, there are certain videos with a man in them banging rocks and sticks together, trying to make everything from the scratch. This is what primitive technology is. Let’s know more about it.

Who Are Primitive People?

Primitive people or primitives refer to the people who lived at the beginning of human history and had no modern tools. This is a vague definition that has lost its meaning decades ago because there are primitive societies now and they are growing fast. These people are referred to as savages who ideally live in the forest and are closest to nature. However, now that many societies are developed, each society has made its own set of rules and are following them.

What is Primitive Technology?

Primitive technology is a genre of YouTube videos that are usually 15 minutes long. These videos are based on the idea that everything can be built without the influence of the modern world. So, in these videos, everything is made from scratch without using any modern tools.

Where the rest of the world is stocking up resources and weapons to get ready for the breakdown of society any minute, primitive technology is all about getting survival skills. It is about knowing how the people in ancient times used to serve themselves and how could we survive if we have no modern tools left.

If you need a pot, you need to mix up the clay on your own. If you want to crush some rocks, you ought to make a water-powered hammer. You have to make everything from the scratch.

These primitive technology videos capture the attention of millions of people around the world. There is an active online community that talks about it. In these videos, there is a man making everything from some basic tools.

Who is The Primitive Technology Guy?

The primitive technology guy is the guy in the videos who is wearing blue shorts. He is John Plant from Queensland, Australia. He is the only person in primitive technology videos and is the most successful YouTuber in this manner. According to him, he started to have an interest in primitive technology at the age of 11 when he made a small hut from wood and stones. After graduation, he would mow the lawns and when he was not working, he would head to the woods and practice primitive technology.

Later, he realized that he could film everything and put it on YouTube. There begins his journey of this successful YouTube channel that millions of people adore and like. He even made his living out of the channel he made. He believes that when you have limited resources to make something, you become more inventive and creative.

His videos are appreciated for the unique work and also for the fact that he gets to the project without wasting viewers’ time. He says that people believe that he lives in a forest or a wild environment which is not true at all. He lives a modern life in a modern house. He just makes the videos for the hobby. He says that if you also want to start learning about primitive technology, you should start by learning how to make fire.

Where John Plant has started sharing these amazing ideas with us, there are a bunch of other channels made after this on the same idea. So, now you can get a look at the primitive technology through various resources inspired by the original one.

Why do People Admire Primitive Technology?

According to health professionals and psychologists, there is something attractive and unique about watching someone do something without any help. We often think that we need some collective efforts of strangers to survive, but these videos show that an individual can do a lot of things for his survival on his own without summoning up some bunch of strangers.

Also, in these times of uncertainty, knowing that you have the skills to survive if something goes down feels like a blessing. These are the times where we don’t trust institutions or government to teach us anything or to help us survive.

When we watch people building things from scratch for themselves, it creates an urge to do it yourself. Especially, when you have a video with steps that makes the tasks easily doable, you are happy to follow the steps and do the task on your own. It gives you a sense of self-achievement.

Where many of us enjoy the wonders of modern technology, many believe that modern technologies are meant to be destructive or will end one day. For those people, primitive technology is inspiring and motivating. Human beings have this tendency to guarantee everything and this is the way of knowing that you can survive even if you have nothing in this modern world. Also, it is entertaining to do something different and creative.