Why You Should Replace All Drinks with Water?

Water is an essential part of our lives and we cannot deny the truth behind it. It’s a luxury that many people choose to disregard. Come to think of it. There are many people in the world who have limited or no access to water. As per water.org, around 663 million people have no access to safe water at all. Water will become scarce in the coming years so we should try to realize its importance. Water has so many benefits. It keeps you hydrated, helps in removing toxins from your body, increases our metabolic rate and also helps in reducing risks of many chronic medical conditions.

There are many people who still hold no importance for water and consume drinks instead of water with their food. They intake drinks with their lunch and dinner and choose to disregard water. What they do not know is what real harm they’re doing to their selves. Instead of taking water, they live on other beverages including teas, caffeine, carbonated and fizzy drinks.

Now, have you ever realized, what would happen if you replace all the drinks with water? What would happen to your body if you only drank water for a whole month and nothing else? This would certainly mean you will be cutting out all the beverages from your diet and replacing those with water. Let us assure you, the results can only be fruitful. You will be doing a huge favor to yourself and your body.

Replacing Drinks with Water

Here are some benefits of replacing all drinks with water.

Improves Cognitive Skillscognitive skills

Drinking lots of water can improve your cognitive skills. Water has a direct effect on your brain and is strongly linked to it. 70% of your body is composed of water. If you’re not drinking enough water, you can come across various symptoms such as loss of memory, focus, headaches, brain fatigue, and sleep problems.




Since your brain is comprised of 85% of water and is the most integral organ in your body, it is important to keep this organ hydrated at all times. The cognitive process involves a lot of energy so it is evident your brain cells require two times more energy than other cells in your body. That energy only comes from the water. If you drink water on a daily basis, you can think and focus on things in a better way. Moreover, daily hydration helps prevent attention deficit disorder and keeps you more attentive.

People who drink water throughout the day have increased visual attention.

Helps in Detoxification Helps in Detoxification

In case you didn’t know water also has a direct link with detoxification of our body. Drinking water helps flush out toxins from our body and also helps provide nutrients to our cells. Digestion process becomes easier with water and our kidneys also remain healthy.

If enough water is not flown through our systems, a major amount of waste builds up inside our body which can be quite unhealthy and at times also dangerous for our overall wellbeing.

Kidneys help filter waste and flush out toxins from our kidney. To perform this function smoothly, this organ requires enough water. If kidneys do not receive the water it requires, the filtering function cannot take place smoothly and as a result, this can lead to rapid health decline.


Strengthens MetabolismStrengthens Metabolism


There’s a strong association between low metabolic rates and a decrease in the kidney function. The reason why drinking lots of water can help you reduce weight is because it helps stabilize your metabolism. Water is known to be a natural appetite suppressor. If you take a glass of water before eating any meal, you would not be able to eat much and hence your diet will remain controlled.

As we have mentioned above, kidneys play a huge role in releasing harmful toxins from the body, so when these organs do not receive plenty of water, the liver takes over their role. Now, it becomes the responsibility of the liver to metabolize stored fat into usable forms of energy.

However, when the liver has to perform this job, it does not really metabolize the fat. When it does not metabolize, the quantity of the stored fat increases in your body. As a result, your body can suffer from major health issues. The only way to stay away from such problems is to keep your kidneys hydrated at all times so your other organs can perform their functions properly.

Revives Skin and HairRevives Skin and Hair

The health of your skin and hair is dependent on what you put inside your body. Just like other cells in your body, the hair and skill cells also need hydration to function properly. When these cells receive proper hydration, our hair becomes healthier, thicker, and stronger. Whereas skin becomes more fresh, glowing, and hydrated.

If your skin remains dehydrated all the time, you are more likely to get a tight, flaky and dry skin which can lead to forming wrinkles on your face. Before reaching out to your skin, water reaches the other organs in your body. Therefore, apart from applying moisturizers on your skin after a shower, it is important to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

As you now know how essential water is for your organs and your body, you should try to incorporate it into your daily diet more often and eliminate all other drinks. By substituting water with coffee, tea, juice, or cold drinks, you will witness incredible improvements in your cognitive abilities, your metabolism, and skin and hair health.

One of the most common myths about water is that you should drink eight glasses of water every day. This way you won’t get dehydrated and feel active and fresh throughout the day. Also, if you take a glass of water as soon as you wake up, the toxins will be flushed out of your body. Try not to let yourself become dehydrated. By drinking more water, you can also suppress your appetite for food and hence lose weight eventually.