Review: Is FalcoVPN an Ultimate VPN Solution That You Need?

The internet is not a safe place. Whether you do everything to maintain your privacy on the internet, there will be times when your online activity will be logged and seen by many entities. Gone are the days when privacy used to exist on the internet. With abundant hackers lurking on the internet, our personal data is no longer safe on the internet. Fortunately, we do have VPN solutions like FalcoVPN that ensure us complete internet freedom.

Why Do We Need a VPN?

Hackers have been present on the internet for a long time now and back in the day, they weren’t considered a threat to human beings. Since people started putting up their personal information on the internet, sharing their personal data with others, be it pictures, videos, important emails and financial information such as credit card details etc., it became easier for hackers to target the data as there were no security measures in place.

With the advent of VPN solutions, people started taking a breath of relief on the internet as they finally found a way to protect their data from the hackers. VPN solutions mask your internet activity from the prying eyes, protecting your data safe and secure. It hides your IP address and does not allow any entity including your ISP to track your online activity.

In this digital age, we need to protect our online data from the hackers in order to prevent ourselves and our organizations from the data breach. That is why it is really important to have VPN solutions deployed on our devices at all times.

What is FalcoVPN All About

FalcoVPN claims itself to be an ultimate VPN solution for your digital devices. Does it really live up to its hype and expectation? Let’s find out what it is all about.

FalcoVPN is a free VPN solution for the internet users, offering them complete internet freedom, anonymity on the internet as well as complete protection from the hackers. This VPN solution lets you securely access the internet in any country and also protects your privacy online by cloaking your IP address, identity as well as location.

It encrypts all your internet traffic, thus providing your complete protection from the prying eyes and hackers. Basically, what this VPN service does is, it builds a secure tunnel between your digital device (mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer) and your internet connection, allowing you to remain anonymous and not letting anyone track your online activity.

Why Opt for FalcoVPN Service


While there are numerous VPN providers offering incredible VPN solutions for your privacy needs, we will still tell you why you should opt for FalcoVPN service instead. Following are some of the extraordinary features FalcoVPN is offering:

Supports Multiple Platforms

One of the best things we found about FalcoVPN is that it can be used on all mobile phone and desktop platforms including Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Whatever device you’re using, FalcoVPN works smoothly and can be easily downloaded on all of them.

Offers Multiple VPN Protocols

FalcoVPN offers a wide range of secure VPN protocols such as IPSec, IKEV2, LT2P, PPTP, and OpenVPN, providing you an option of choosing your level of protection by selecting the right VPN protocol for your device.

Adopts a Strict No Logs Policy

Another major benefit of using FalcoVPN as your VPN solution is that it adopts a strict no logs policy. It means that FalcoVPN strongly believes in the complete online privacy of their customers, so they would never record their web browsing history or even keep a record of their online activity. In simple words, it does not keep logs of their customers’ internet activity.

Offers a Free VPN Version

FalcoVPN offers a free VPN version to its customers with no restrictions on data usage and time. Unlike other free VPN services, this VPN does not show any ads or even secretly sell your internet browsing history to any third party for monetary gains.


It was a pleasure reviewing and using this VPN solution as it worked seamlessly on our device, enabling us to protect our online privacy as well as to unblock the content we wanted to see on the internet. Instead of giving a try to other VPN services, you should opt for FalcoVPN as your VPN solution as it is credible and has garnered decent reputation in the market in such a short period of time.

In case you are still confused about deciding for FalcoVPN, you should first go for its free version to test out the service before getting hands on its premium version.