Far Cry 5 ( Review )

Far Cry 5 is one of the highly anticipated releases of this year. The good news is that it lives up to the expectations. The game improves on the formula of previous titles in the franchises by taking some inspiration from Primal and bringing it all together nicely in a well-made title. The shooting mechanics have been vastly improved, which makes weapons a lot of fun to use.

Just like the previous entries, there’s no shortage of weaponry, and this time you get to fly planes as well. Apart from some amazing mechanics, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. Ubisoft did take some flak during the first couple of years because of their downgrades, but now they have learned their lesson hard.

Assassin Creed Origins looked amazing, and Far Cry 5 is not behind in that department either. It is easily one of the best looking games available on the modern-day platforms. For those who might be tired of the Ubisoft formula should know that the icon-filled map and the towers have been completely removed. Instead, new activities are added to the game to make it fun for everyone.

Gameplay Far Cry 5


As touched on before, Far Cry 5 is an amalgam of the good things that were featured in the previous entries. The game feels way more refined and fun to play than the others. That’s largely due to the fact that the driving and shooting is much better now.

Lack of icons on the map helps a great deal as well. It forces you to explore the world to find the hidden secrets and quests, which is way more fun to do. There are a ton of side quests to do, tons of animals to hunt, and then there’s the main quest as well.

There’s so much stuff to do, and you won’t be getting bored anytime soon. While you are on the road, the game makes things interesting by spawning enemies or animals near you. Basically, you are never in the free, which always keeps you on the edge of your street.

Graphics of Far Cry 5


Far Cry 5 is one of the best looking games, there’s no question about it. From the facial expressions, to the world, to the animals, everything has received amazing work.

The terrains and vistas look great as well. If you have even been to Montana, you will witness a lot of similarities. The small towns, the mountains, the villages, the fields – they are all there and as mentioned before, they all look absolutely fantastic.

Verdict of Far Cry 5


When Far Cry 5 was first announced, people had their doubts whether it will really be able to attract people once again, and now after playing it, we can say that it does. It really is an amazing game. The new gameplay mechanics and the side stuff that’s been added is incredibly fun to do.

To top it all of – the visuals are amazing. Everything looks so beautiful. Montana’s is a beautiful state and Ubisoft has captured that quite successfully and presented in a brilliant way.

The story is not that great, but it is engaging and will keep you going until the end. However, it is worth adding that the story was never the stronger point of the franchise. Ubisoft creates this open world so that the players can have fun and that is still the case with Far Cry 5.