Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has never failed to surprise us. With only a few days left until Samsung’s 10th anniversary, which will also mark as the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10, it has already been considered as one of the biggest announcements to have been made by Samsung in recent times.

We are living in a world where leaks about an upcoming magnum-opus mobile phone are bound to circulate everywhere. Before the launch, the leaks of the phone spread everywhere with manufacturers not even trying to keep it a secret anymore. Therefore, it wouldn’t come as a surprise for many when we give out information about Samsung’s new phones because somewhere, they must have read about them already.

All About Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Samsung is yet to make an official announcement of its new phones especially Samsung Galaxy S10 on 20th February 2019 but we’ve got plenty of information about it. It seems almost certain Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched alongside two more new models – Galaxy S10 Plus and more affordable Galaxy S10e. Rumours about the launch of 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 X and foldable Galaxy X are also rife.

Keeping that information aside, here’s everything you need to know about the new Samsung phones.


Samsung hasn’t changed its lineup; it will stay the same as it has been for the last few years. Along with a regular S10 model with a display of 6.1-inch, there will be a larger S10 plus with a 6.3-inch display.

It has been expected that both phones will feature Samsung’s new Infinity 0 hole-punch display. This display is a far cry from the jagged design of the majority of 2018 models for a front-facing camera that has been punched directly through the screen.

Both phones will have AMOLED Gorilla Glass 6 panels at 3040 x 1440 QHD+ resolution. The major difference comes down to screen size. S10 Plus comes with an additional front-facing camera, therefore it has a larger hole punch.



Looking at the leaked pictures of Samsung’s new phones, we can see that apart from the revised front-camera system, the overall design of both models looks pretty much same to Galaxy S9 that was released last year. Not only this, but the phones also retain the curved top and bottom bezels, the sloping 3D glass sides, along with a dedicated Bixby button, 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB-C charging port.

Samsung has also done an amazing job on the back of both phones. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back. Reportedly, it has been built directly into the front display. What really made us awestruck is the triple-camera system which has been designed in a unique way. The three cameras are separated by a 12-megapixel telephoto lens (at f/2.4), a 12-megapixel wide lens (f/1.5), and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide lens (f/2.2). We still have to wait until the announcement to find out what magic these camera lenses can create.


Other Key Specs

It has been reported that the new phones will have Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor or Samsung’s in-house Exynos 9820 chipset, depending on the region.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with two versions: the 128GB model will have 6GB of RAM and 512GB model will have 8GB of RAM. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will provide 1TB of storage and an enormous 12GB of RAM which itself is exemplary.

As far as the battery size is concerned, S10 will come with a 3,100mAh battery whereas S10 Plus will offer 4,100mAh which is quite larger than the former. There is no doubt that Samsung has offered a better battery with its new phones.

There are rumours circulating of a new reverse wireless charging feature that will allow users to recharge an accessory directly from the new phones. This means no wires will be needed while recharging.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Alongside the standard S10 models, a relatively new and affordable variant namely S10e is also said to be launched which will be slightly lackluster compared to its flashier, extravagant siblings. The phone will have a smaller and lower resolution. The display size will be 5.8-inch, 2280 x 1080, lacking the curved sides of its flashy counterparts. Having said that, it will be equipped with a hole-punch camera.

There will be no ultrasonic fingerprint reader. A fingerprint reader can be accessed on the side of the device. As far as the rear camera is concerned, it will be a two-camera system unlike the flashy three-lens camera system offered by the bigger phones.

The good news is that Samsung’s affordable variant S10e will have the same internals as that of the bigger phones. Users can expect the same Snapdragon 855 processor, with two storage models:  6GB RAM / 128GB storage and 8GB RAM / 256GB.

However, the rumour mill has been strangely quiet as to the pricing of the phones. Though we do know the prices will chiefly depend on specific carriers, the actual prices will only be revealed at the release date. Samsung is all set to open the preorders for the new phones by 8th of March.

Let’s wait until the major announcement to see if the leaks of both phones actually come to be true. Samsung lovers are as excited about the launch event as much as we all are.