SelectTV Serves as the New Best Cord-Cutting Service

People are slowly ditching cable and all the cord related services. Streaming is the new way to watch TV and everyone is looking to be a part of it. We have had multiple streaming services being brought to life, but there have been very few that managed to survive. People don’t like paying for multiple services just to watch TV. They just want one place where they can watch everything. This is where SelectTV comes into play. Instead of offering some barebones content, it combines most of the services that people want to watch, and deliver it on one clean interface.

SelectTV Netflix or Cable

Netflix or Cable

Netflix is one of the most popular platforms available at the moment. However, if you want to use it, you have to get rid of your cable. With SelectTV, you won’t have to do it because both of them functions via the same unified interface.

You can switch between Netflix shows and cable channels without having to switch between the services. Everything you want to see is available on the main menu, hence allowing you to watch anything you want without having to switch between services. Cable cord is getting out of fashion anyway, so why not get rid of it entirely and use Select TV to watch all the cable related content.

SelectTV Movies and TV

Movies and TV Shows

You can also make use of SelectTV to watch on demand movies. There are over 100,000 of them available on the platform, so you will definitely find something to see. It also contains more than 400,000 TV episodes that you can watch.

TV and Movies are integral part of our everyday routine, so having a ton of options at your disposal is certainly a huge plus point. As mentioned above, everything you need to see is right on the main menu, which means that there’s no need for navigations as you will get everything you need at the user interface. It is one of the few examples where UI is done well.

Otherwise, it is just a mess where the users have to figure how to make each thing work by themselves or have to read instructions. Fortunately, SelectTV doesn’t follow that route as it provides you with everything you need upfront.

SelectTV 50,000 radio channels

50,000 Radio Channels

If you ever run out of TV shows or movies to watch, or just feel like listening to something, then you have over 50,000 radio channels to work with. You will eventually find something that you like and you can then include that particular channel to your favorite list.

SelectTV is all about giving you options, which is why it is not catering to one type of users. It is making an effort to bring all of your entertainment into one place. This way, you have everything you want on one platform, which saves you a lot of hassle.

SelectTV Antenna

HD Antenna

SelectTV also includes an HD Antenna, which allows you to catch up on all the local news channels with ease. You can use that antenna anywhere in the world. It will catch the incoming signals and provide you with perfect visuals. This can come in quite handy while travelling as you don’t have bore yourself. You can always watch TV via this app.

SelectTV Games


As said above, SelectTV aims to be the one for all kind of a deal. It wants to become the single place for all the entertainment, and that wouldn’t be possible without the addition of games. The app offers thousands of online games for you to play on the platform.

The best part is that they all won’t be the similar type of games, as you will have a lot of variety to work with. They genres included are multiplayer, RPG, fighting, sport, action, adventure, and more. The point being, you will have a lot on your plate, hence keeping you from getting bored.

SelectTV price


There have been a lot of services like SelectTV, but they have never managed to make an impression. However, this offering is a different beast entirely as it offers countless hours for the consumers to see. Accompanying this amazing spree of content is a cheap price of $20 per year.

By paying just $20, you will be able unify all of your TV and internet and can enjoy the best of both worlds. The app is not restricted to any platform either, which means that you can get it on any device. It supports them all. That’s less than $2 a month, and you will be getting access to enormous amount of content. We suggest that you give it a go. Even if you don’t like it, you won’t really lose much.