What is 5G WIFI? Check Out the Complete Guide Here

Everybody wants the fastest internet and technology these days. These demands are becoming the reasons for new inventions every day. Nowadays 5G WIFI is the new invention in the world of technology and everyone is wondering how much they can benefit from it. Let’s start by understanding 5G

What is 5G WIFI?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks that are aimed to provide its customers with the fastest wireless technology that has been ever found. It simply means you will have fast internet, you will be able to do the downloads quickly, and surf the internet with better speed. It has also a great impact on the speed and quality of your gameplays.

You can do the things that you were doing before with your 4G WIFI. You can keep up with your friends and family via different platforms, you can call them, text them, and do a lot of other things. Moreover, you can still use video conferencing technology to connect with your employees, play online games, stream movies, videos, and TV, and do a lot more. The difference is that you will be able to all the same things as before but with faster technology. This WIFI has the technological advancements that are not available with the 4G.

It can also connect appliances, autonomous vehicles, and remote applications. Through 5G, remote surgery will be possible, autonomous vehicles will be able to communicate with each other while reading a live map and traffic updates. It also has the potential to make remote robots work. You will be able to run and touch a machine that is thousands of miles away from you.

5G is meant to provide a better and healthier planet with many innovations. It is believed that 5G can reduce up to 90% of our power consumption. If that happens, it will have a huge impact on our climate and a cleaner environment can be made.

What Is the Difference Between 5G and Regular WIFI?

The biggest differences among the regular and 5G WIFI are the speed and range. The regular WIFI can provide internet to the larger area thus penetrating more but it will sacrifice the speed whereas, 5G can provide internet at great speed but to a smaller area.

The regular WIFI has a lower data rate and is more prone to interference because many devices are using the same frequency. The maximum speed it can provide is 150 Mbps and its maximum range is 410 ft. It gives larger coverage which includes penetrating solid objects. 5G WIFI provides a higher data rate and is less prone to interference. It can provide smaller coverage thus it is not very good at penetrating solid objects. The maximum internet speed it offers is 1Gbps and its maximum range is 410 ft amplified.

Should I Use The 5G WIFI?

It depends on your requirements and the devices that you need WIFI for. Many devices work on regular WIFI such as garage door openers, baby monitors, etc. Moreover, if you have many devices scattered around the house, then regular WIFI is the right option.

If you have just a few devices that are close to the router, you can enjoy 5G WIFI to reduce the congestion and enjoy the speed it can provide. 5G WIFI is ideal for fewer devices that are close to the router because of the low penetration ability. Regular WIFI is best used when there are plenty of devices that move around very much in the whole area but it will sacrifice the quality.

How Fast Is 5G?

Now that you know what is 5G, here are some of the details about what 5G can offer:

  • Peak Data Rate: 5G offers significantly high speed; its peak date rate can hit 20 Gbps download and 10 Gbps uplink. It is the speed that will be shared by all the users of each cell.
  • Latency: The time it can take to travel from one point to another is ideally 4 milliseconds. It also offers 1-millisecond latency for cases like remote surgeries.
  • Mobility: Base stations will support movement from 0-310 mph with the help of 5G.
  • Connection Density: It can connect to many more devices than normal WIFI. Ideally, it should be able to connect to 1 million devices across one square kilometer.

With these and a lot more perks, 5G WIFI can provide you the best experience with the fastest internet speed. Once you get your hands on it, you might not be able to leave it then.