Xbox One X Black Panther Skin is Up for Grabs

It is a tradition for console manufacturers to come up with unique designs for their machines. They are usually made up for the upcoming games, but Microsoft has mixed things up a bit by introducing Xbox One X Black Panther skin.

As you all know, Black Panther is regarded as one of the best movies, so a bundle of it is bound to get some attention. However, there’s just one problem instead of making some hundred odd units for it, Microsoft settled for making just five. And in order to get your hands on it, you will have to participate in this raffle.

black panther rely on luck

Rely on Luck

With only five editions available, you will be relying on luck as millions of people from around the globe will be a part of this raffle. Considering the fan following of Black Panther, Microsoft should have released more units as they had huge sales potential.

However, this works too as it will build the hype around the Xbox Brand and will bring in a lot of people who may not even be interested in video games. It will be a collector’s item, which I know a lot of you crave. However, as mentioned above, the luck will play a huge role here.

There isn’t any other way to get this edition, at least for now. Microsoft may see the demand for it and create some other custom editions, but that seems quite unlikely. So, if you are really interested in getting the Xbox One X Black Panther custom skin, you will have to rely on luck.

4k Black Panther

4K Black Panther

In addition to the Xbox One X Black Panther skin, you will be getting a 4K copy of the movie Black Panther. If you don’t have a 4K player, then there’s nothing to worry because Xbox One X comes with a built-in 4K drive, which is capable of running all 4K related formats.

In fact, it is currently the only console that is capable of supporting native 4K. Other consoles can do checkerboard 4K but that of course is not the experience you want. Native 4K is a huge deal, so watching Black Panther’s huge world and battles in UHD resolution will be something else entirely.

black panther Games


Since anyone can apply for this raffle, chances are the person winning may not even be a gamer. However, getting the Xbox One X Black Panther edition is the perfect way to get things going. The winner will be able to enjoy almost all of their games in higher resolution and frame rates, which is an amazing deal. The link for the raffle has been provided above, so really shouldn’t waste any time and apply for this edition right away. You never know, the odds might just be in your favor.

Due to recent Avengers fever, everyone is talking about the characters, which makes it a perfect opportunity to reel in more fans. Xbox brand will certainly get a huge boost by taking this step, which eventually will benefit Microsoft. These five Xbox One X custom made skins are amazing to look at and would be an amazing addition to the collection for the fans. The deadline to register in the raffle is May 29. So, you do have a lot of time, but make sure that you remember it, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on one of the best looking editions to date.