Binge Watch This Weekend with These Free Movie Streaming Sites

Are you planning to binge watch any of your favorite movie or TV show this weekend? The idea seems fascinating if you come to think of it. But what if we tell you can watch your favorite movies for free on the internet? There are a couple of free movie streaming sites that won’t charge you a dollar for watching movies or TV shows.

You can stream movies online free using these websites. You might be a bit surprised to hear that you can watch stream movies for free on the internet but let us tell you that this is entirely possible.

All you need to know is exactly which free movie streaming sites are providing high-quality content with a huge database and also without overwhelming you with any pop-ups or ads. For this reason, we have decided to show you a list of the best free movie streaming sites to help you binge watch your favorite content this weekend.

Before we provide you with the list of the free movie streaming sites, we would like to inform you about something. When you look up for free movie streaming sites on the web, chances are you may come across several sites providing free online movies. However, the majority of these sites can be a bit tricky as they contain malware.

In order to ensure you stay away from dangerous sites containing virus and malware, we have sorted a list of free movie streaming sites that are free from any scams or viruses.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Most of the free movie streaming sites we recommend are all web-based. However, there are a few sites that also have their own mobile apps, making it easier for users to stream movies online free on their mobile devices. It is entirely up to you to decide which platform is more convenient for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the best free movie streaming sites available on the internet right now.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV deserves to be our first recommendation because it offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows, both classic and newly-released. As soon as you open the website, you will be welcomed with a highly polished and super-friendly interface.

Movies have been displayed on the website and segregated into different categories such as most popular, horror flicks, comedy, action, etc. There is a large portion of the website’s library that has been dedicated to older classics and indie movies.

If that piques your interest, then Tubi TV is the best free movie streaming site for you. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and get an IP from the US. You can also stream movies on this site even if you are from outside the US. Let us also mention that the site will overwhelm you with some ads but they are not too annoying. You can also check out native Tubi TV apps.


PutLocker is another free movie streaming site. On opening the site, you will come across its homepage where movies and TV series are put together into different categories such as Featured, Genres, Countries, Recently-Added, Years, etc.

All the recently released and classic movies are available for watching on this site. This website may also annoy you with a few ads but they can be ignored. When you start streaming the movie, you will get to experience an uninterrupted watch, given you have a good internet connection running in the back.


HotStar is like a blessing for the Indian users. This is a free movie streaming site containing all the Bollywood content and is entirely dedicated to bringing you the best Indian movies and TV shows.

There is also a dedication section for live sports on this website. One of the best things about HotStar is that it also offers a mobile app, letting users enjoy streaming the movies and shows on their mobile phones. They can use HotStar not only on their Android devices but iOS devices as well.

However, there is only one major downside to this streaming site. It is region restricted and only works for those who are based in India. You need to unlock its content with the help of a free VPN service. If you are a big Bollywood fan then this is the best free movie streaming site for you.


Crackle is a free movie streaming site owned by Sony Pictures. It comes off with a well-designed user-interface and has an interesting movie library. As soon as you sign up for a free account, you can easily use the service without facing any restrictions.

Apart from offering Hollywood classics, you can get to watch recently released movies on this website. However, just like Netflix and other popular movie streaming services, movies are only available on this site for a limited time only.

Another con of this site is that is ad-supported, which means you would be coming across ads while streaming something on this website. To be completely fair, the ads are not that annoying and can be tolerated.

Crackle is also available in the form of a mobile app and can be used on your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if this movie streaming site is region-restricted. You can always use a good VPN to unlock content on this site.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name suggests, this free movie streaming site offers most of the classic Hollywood movies and that too free of charge. If you are a fan of watching cinema from the old era then this site would appeal to you.

Generally, this free movie streaming site relies heavily on third-party streaming websites. This is the reason you may come across many embeds from sites such as YouTube and other similar sites.

As long as these third-party apps are letting you watch free movies online without any interruption, there should be no issues. The good thing is that this site does not require any registration and thankfully, there are no annoying ads to tolerate as well.