Here are the Top Highlights and Announcements from Google I/O 2018 Keynote

A few days back, Google held its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2018 at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California, United States. The conference lasted for three days, beginning from 8th May and ending on 10th May.

Every year, the developer conference is held by Google so as to announce their new hardware, software and several updates for its existing apps and services. The aim of arranging the developer conference every year is to keep the developer’s community updated with the new announcements made by Google, allowing the developers to come forward with their own apps, services, and integrations before the company actually launches the new stuff.

Highlights: Google I/O 2018 Keynote

This time around Google has yet again stunned us with some noteworthy announcements at the Google I/O 2018 keynote. The announcements and updates were related to Google Assistant, Android P, and many other new initiatives.

Despite Google I/O 2018 being an exclusive event for the developers, consumers from all walks of life also participate in the event because they’re excited to learn what next Google is bringing for them in the future.

So, are you excited as much as we are to find out what incredible stuff Google has lined up for us in 2018 and beyond? Let’s have a look at the major highlights and updates from the annual developer’s conference.

Google Duplex Technology

Google Duplex Technology is Here

Google left everybody dumbfounded at the conference when it announced the Google Duplex technology. With Google Duplex technology, the company intends to improve Google Assistant in such a way that it takes care all of your appointments and sets them on your behalf. Al the Google I/O 2018 keynote, the company proudly demonstrated on the podium how Google Assistant, on your behalf, was able to call a restaurant for a table reservation and then call a hair salon to get an appointment.

What left people more amazed was the way Assistant waded through the conversations on the phone with the real humans, sounding as real as a human voice can be. Their interactions with the real human on the other end of the line seemed real and genuine. Assistant successfully made the conversation with the human, making use of the filler words such as ‘uhh’ and ‘mmhmm’ every now and then. Not even for once did we feel Assistant was conversing like a robot.

Once Assistant makes the reservation, it gives you the details of the appointment and then adds it to your schedule. For now, Google is still working out the Duplex technology on Assistant and plans to test it further before it launches for the users.

Android P Public

Android P Public Beta is Available

Moving on the Android’s updates, Google announced at the annual developer conference that it is all set for launching Android P public beta for the Google Pixel handsets. What’s more interesting is the fact that besides Google Pixel phones, this public beta will also be available on phones from other mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony, Mi, Oppo, OnePlus, and Essential.

Android P will be officially launched later this year. At the keynote, Google displayed some of the interesting smart intelligence features which are going to set Android P apart. Android P signifies three key features: intelligence, simplicity, and digital well-being.

Smart Compose feature

Smart Compose Feature is Here

Quite recently, Google went on to give a new look to Gmail’s classic design and interface. Gmail redesign came into being along with some other interesting features, one of which is the Smart Compose feature. If you’re already familiar with Gmail’s Smart Reply feature, which was introduced by Google sometime last year, then you would get a fair idea about the Smart Compose feature.

While Smart Reply enabled you to quickly reply to incoming emails by offering a few suggestions for most appropriate replies, Smart Compose feature helps you write an email from the scratch.

Packed with AI power, Smart Compose suggests relevant contextual phrases as you type an email. If you like a suggestion made by the feature, all you need to do is click the ‘tab’ button and then use that phrase in your email.

As Google claims, this feature helps in reducing your spelling and grammatical errors, as a result, making your email look as professional as possible. However, this feature only works for the English language.

The Smart Compose feature will be launched into Gmail in the coming weeks but in order to use it, you need to switch to the new version of Gmail. So how would you do that? It’s quite simple actually. Head over to the Settings, a gear-like icon on the extreme right of your Gmail and then click ‘Try the New Gmail.’ Thereon, go to the General tab in your Settings, scroll down a bit and then enable ‘Experimental access.’ This will allow you to try the Smart Compose feature which is still being experimented by Google at the moment.

AR Features and Assistant

AR Features and Assistant in Google Maps

When talks about new developments and updates are going around, how we can we not discuss what’s next for Google Maps? Google has given us a glance at the prospect of integrating augmented reality into Google Maps in the near future. At the developer’s conference, the company showed us how Google Maps, when integrated with AR, can help us navigate around the city or place while we are on foot.

The AR will make use of the device’s camera, Street View, and visual technology to help you know your exact location in a city. It will also show you the famous shops, outlets, restaurants, and other places shown whenever you hold up the phone to see the locations around you. It cannot be said when exactly AR will be fully integrated into Google Maps but what we can say for sure is the company has already working on it.

On the other side, Google Assistant is ready to make an entry in the Google Maps, both on iOS and Android this summer. With Assistant integrated into Maps, you will be able to ask it to share your ETA while you’re driving. Once Assistant is integrated into the Maps, you can ask it to share your ETA while you’re driving. You can also ask Assistant to send text messages, play music, or get other information from the Maps app itself on your behalf.

New Voices Coming to Google Assistant

New Voices Coming to Google Assistant

The other announcement that set Google I/O 2018 keynote apart was about the inclusion of six brand new voices to Google Assistant which will most likely happen later this year. Of the six voices, one voice will be of John Legend – the famous American singer-songwriter. At the event, Google disclosed its plans of developing new voices for the Assistant just in a matter of weeks instead of years, owing to the latest advancements being made in AI.

Google Lens

Google Lens Gets New Updates

Up till now, Google Lens was only accessible in Google Pixel phones which was, to be honest, a bit underwhelming for those who did not have a Google Pixel phone. However, things have started changing now. Google announced at the conference that Google Lens will be soon making its way to other phones as well.

It wouldn’t be long when Google Lens will be seen added to the camera app on devices from other phone manufacturers including but not limited to Nokia, OnePlus, Sony, and LG. It all depends on when the phone manufacturers will be updating their devices in order for Google Lens to be directly added to the camera app. The sooner they update their devices, the sooner they will be able to make use of Google Lens.

Apart from this update, some more interesting features about Google Lens were discussed at length during the Google I/O 2018. Those features included Smart Text search, Smart Text selection as well as making you search for all the items around you on Google.

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