How to Install Razer Cortex and Boost Your Gaming Experience?

If you are a gamer and you cannot afford to upgrade your PC, mobile, or laptop to get the maximum of every game that you play, does that mean you don’t deserve those graphics? Not necessarily. Game boosters are here for help. These boosters enhance your gaming performance with just one install or click. They turn your PC into ‘Game Mode’ and allocate all the necessary resources to the game to enhance your experience. Do they work? Let’s see.

One of the most used game boosters is the razer cortex. It is a free PC optimization tool that is specially designed by the gaming peripheral maker Razer. Not only it performs some basic functions on your PC like emptying the recycle bin, deleting temporary files, checking for wrong registry entries, but also it stops all the unnecessary processes that are taking up RAM at the time of your gaming. You just have to learn how to install the Razer cortex. Once you install it, you will have the option to install two other additional tools: Razer Synapse and Razer SoftMiner.

Razer Synapse is a configuration tool for hardware and it performs tasks such as assigning macros, adjusting the keyboard, managing mouse’s lighting, or binding buttons. If you have Razer Cortex installed, there are good chances that you already have Razer Synapse installed.

Razer SoftMiner is a software to mine Razer Silver which is not a cryptocurrency. You can redeem it against the company’s vouchers, peripherals, games. But, to get something big like keyword, you will have to spend hundreds of days mining. And, worse, your PC might run slower while you are mining.

How to Install Razer Cortex?

Here is how you can install Razer Cortex:

  1. To download Razer Cortex, you must go to and click download now.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, it is time to install the file. Go to your downloads and start the process. Allow ‘make a change to the computer’, and let it continue. It might take some time.
  3. Now, open the software, sign up with an email and password. Check your email and confirm the signup process. This will open a new page where your account will be confirmed. Let it load completely.
  4. Now re-open the software and log in. After you are logged in, you will see icons like games, Gamecaster, deals, etc. on the top left corner. Deals are for their marketing purpose, games allow you to edit the games, and Gamecaster allows you to take screenshots to record everything. Go to boost, and you will see Custom boost or Recommended, use the Custom boost.
  5. Once you have gone through all the processes, click Boost Now. You can always come back to the normal things by clicking Restore now. Some of the processes will be closed when boosting, but you will be able to re-open.

How to use Razer Cortex?

When you install Razer Cortex for the very first time, you can always log in with Twitch, Google, or Facebook to make a new account. But, you can also use it as a guest without registering as per your choice.

Razer Cortex has three parts: Game Deals, System Booster, and Game Booster. System Booster works like any other PC optimization software that cleans out the junk files, cleans the system, etc. Game Booster frees up the resources when you are playing the games and it automatically starts when you launch the game. Game Deals provide plenty of deals on HumbleBundle, IndieGala, Steam, and other platforms.

Game boosters are fun to use as they enhance your gaming experiencing by optimizing your PC. Clearing out junk, stopping the updates, and doing other things at the time of gameplay is their job. There is nothing that you can’t do by yourself, but having it all done in just one click is a hassle-free approach. It works like your task manager.

Once you have chosen what to remove and what to keep, a single click can make things happen. You can also schedule scans and automatic clean-ups. Suspending non-essential processes automatically is the one thing that keeps Razer Cortex on the top of the list.

Is Razer Cortex free?

Razer Cortex is a free app that provides you several tools to improve your gaming performance. It boosts your computer performance while you are playing the game, it records in-game footage, you can find plenty of bargain deals in there, and also it backs up the saved data.

Does Razer Game Booster increase FPS?

When Razer cortex boost is activated on your computer, it suspends all the process of the computer that are not required for gaming. This frees up a lot of memory and CPU power which gives you smooth performance and thus it does improve frames per seconds (FPS)

Once you learn how to install the razer cortex, this game booster stops the applications that are taking up the RAM and CPU, so that there is no drained power of the machine when you are playing games. You can always change it, and choose certain processes to continue.

Razer Cortex Mobile

Razer Cortex mobile app is there to improve your gaming experience on mobile as well. It lets you discover popular and new mobile games, and you can use the game booster for device optimization and game performance. They have Paid to Play feature, which lets you earn Razer Silver just by launching games and playing through the app.

Razer Cortex Mobile can help you organize the games that are already on your phone and boost your performance. You can have quick and easy access to the games.

Is Razer Cortex safe?

Yes, Razer Cortex is safe to use when you want to free up space and boost your computer in just one click. It stops all the unnecessary processes and lets you have a great experience with its boosting performance. It is completely safe to use.

Razer Cortex mac

Razer Game Booster by Razer Inc. is a very great program that optimizes your settings of the computer to improve your gaming experience. Unfortunately, they haven’t made one for MAC yet. However, you can use alternatives if you want something for your MAC.

Using Razer Cortex Game booster will surely enhance your gaming experience and let you have all under one roof. No need to do anything manually; you just need to make the choices and click. We hope you have a great gaming experience with Razer Cortex.